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  • Would it be possible to add "sort by number of likes" to the designs in the critique phase?  Personally, I think I would find it helpful, especially in challenges with a high number of entries (like the current wedding one) to help me decide if I'd like to pull designs before voting starts.

  • Sara - I think that would be an interesting sort feature that I may enjoy!  Although, I would hate to think that you, or anyone else, would pull a design based on # of "likes."  There are so many wonderful, good-selling designs that received Editor's Picks in spite of a low # of "likes" or comments.  And, vice versa, many well-"liked" designs that neither win nor get picked. I think the "like" feature is primarily used by us designers, and not so much by consumers, so their tastes and preferences are not necessarily represented by that number.

  • And - I'm going to change my mind and say I don't even think it's a good idea during the Critique phase (certainly not during Voting).  Although I would be interested in sorting by that feature, I would guess that many designs at the end of that rotation would miss out on some valuable consumer exposure, even during Critique, if that were available.  And I like that you cannot see the # of likes on a design unless you are logged in.

  • I don't know if I would ever pull one and like you said it's definitely not necessarily on likes, but it'd be nice to see where it falls and if a design isn't getting likes or comments in a sea of 700+ designs perhaps I'd delete it rather than wait that (excruciating!) wait for results and end up disappointed.  Some of my most liked/commented designs haven't been chosen or even scored well so who knows!