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  • Any plans for or interest in a DC/VA Mintie meetup? I don't know if you need "official" approval or if its cool just to throw the offer out there for anyone who would like to? I am kinda far for some but I'd be happy to open my house up but there are some great places in Alexandria and Arlington for drink and chat as well. Thoughts?

  • I'm in the DC/VA area and would be interested! Alexandria or Arlington works for me but can go to another area as needed. Laughing

  • I'm in the DC/VA area as well! Great idea to meet up...Arlington or Alexandria works for me as well!


  • Same goes for me - I would love to meet up in Arlington or Alexandria!

  • Yay! Anyone have a upcoming date that works best for them? I am looking to October? Any suggestions on a place to meet? We tend to go into Old Town and Arlington for date nights so can't think of anything low key off the top of my head. Any personal favs? I can only think of La Tasca ( both in Alexandria and Arlington) and Liberty Tavern at this very moment but I know there are TON's of other options. Suggestions?

  • I'm very new to Minted, but am in Maryland. It may be too far for me, but I'd still love to hear what you decide since it's a possibility. :)

  • There are a bunch of places in the Clarendon area. Also, another alternative is Shirlington in South Arlington (my neighborhood). There are a dozen restaurants all different cuisines. Maybe we go to eat dinner/get drinks somewhere? It's right on 395 and you can take a bus from the Pentagon to the bus station.

    October is good for me.

  • Hi all I'm in the DC/VA area as well...I live in Falls Church, VA, so all of those places work. I would love to meet!! October works for me as well.

  • Okay Minties,

    How does October 19th or 20th sound at Columbia Firehouse 6:30?


  • Either date works for me- whichever works best for everyone.

  • I'm in Richmond, but I could make it up that way to meet some fellow Minties :) Saturday would be better for me!

  • Friday or Saturday works for me!

  • Sounds fun - I think a Saturday would be better for me as well.

  • Okay ladies...Saturdays work best and my apologies for this... but some hiccups with my schedule. My son agreed to attend an event on the 20th and my husband agreed to a party on the 27th and nobody told me! Nothing like discovering your family has a whole hidden calendar you know nothing about -_-. So can we try  any of the following: October 6th, 13th or Nov 3rd? So hoping we can work this out. Cant wait to meet everyone!



  • I could make it on October 6th and 13th.

  • Oh rats. I don't think I could do any of those Saturdays!! Fall seems to be so busy for everyone!

  • I'm booked those days too! Fall is hard with all the holidays. What if we try to do it in early December? It could be a pre-holiday happy hour? Hope everyone is doing well!


  • Sorry, I just saw the post about October 19 or 20. I should be able to do that Saturday as of now. :)

  • I agree fall is hard! I like your pre holiday idea Amanda! Anyone for december?
  • a saturday in early december would work for me!