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  • So, anyone else holding out until later this year to upgrade to CS6?  I am currently using CS3, but, as I understand it, after the end of this year, Adobe will no longer be giving upgrade pricing to versions older than the previous version.  If anyone sees any special deals, please share! :)

  • Kim, adobe is offering for just a few more days, entry to the creative cloud for only 29.99/mo. [40% off for a year]

    check it out here: www.adobe.com/go/cc_design

    that will give you cs6, updates, storage, etc. but it's only open to subscribers who already own one of the suites and are registered with adobe already, as I understand it.

  • Thanks, Carol!  I thought about that, but I'd really like to have the software in hand, in case I decide I don't like the monthly payments (like when the price goes up!).  My CS3 has been on my laptop for 5 years, but won't work on a newer computer, plus that whole upgrade by the end of the year issue.  If I upgrade to CS6, I'm hoping it will work on a new computer (which I haven't bought, yet) for another 5 years (if I decide not to upgrade), which would be cheaper than the monthly cloud payments.  That's my rationale, anyway! :)

  • They do have the educational discounts for students and teachers. Perhaps a friend could help you out with that.

    I run CS5 but tried a trial of CS6 Illustrator and there were a few new tricks I liked. The live trace seems to be a bit cleaner, which is great for any hand drawing!

  • Thanks, Rachel - I doubt I'll be able to get in on the student discount, but appreciate the tip!  I've also heard about a lot of cool things in CS6...

  • kim, as far as I understand it, there will no longer be discs. careful with educational discounts. many are not able to be upgraded and you are stuck with that version.

  • Thanks, Carol!  I just mean that I want to own CS6 before getting into Cloud.  If I get into Cloud and decide to get out, I'm stuck with what I own, which, right now, is CS3.  And CS3 won't work on a newer laptop, which I need.  I think (I would have to confirm this) that you are able to back-up your sofware once, just in case, so you create your own disc...but, I will have to verify that when I buy it!

  • I see. Keep in mind, though, all software will be subscription-based, but I understand you wanting to make your own copies. Not sure how that will work. I know you can load it on two machines right now.

  • Out of curiosity...why wouldn't CS3 work on a newer laptop?

  • Sara - I am running Windows XP on my old laptop. It's my understanding (from internet searches when I was researching upgrading to CS6) that CS3 is not 100% compatible with Windows 7, which is what my new laptop will likely be, without much modification (I am certain I would mess up my computer if I tried to get it to work).  But, If someone out there is using CS3 with Windows 7 successfully without issues, I'd love to know about it!!! :)

  • I just purchased a student/teacher edition of the standard CS6. It's cheaper than any of the other options that I found. AND you get the disks in hand so we can load the programs on my husband's laptop and my desktop easily. One of the big complaints I heard was the downloading of the software. If you have problem with your computer and for some reason need to reinstall the software, it becomes a big hassle. So for now, we're using my husband's status of being in school to get whatever discounts we can.

    On a slightly different note, are there any bugs with CS6? Anything that caught you by surprise or you had trouble figuring out? Just curious and hoping to be prepared when I load the software and start using it.

  • Kim. If you buy a Mac I could sell you my Illustrator CS5. Since I bought the full version of the CS6 suite (not an upgrade version) and I own the individual version of CS5 which I don't need anymore.

    Ann. I found a couple weird things in CS6, mostly with Photoshop though. I had to look up threads and stuff online and mess around with Preferences. I haven't found anything significant in Illustrator - yet. I did enjoy the caps buttons on the Character palette that made it faster and easier to change a line of text to all caps. It seems slower/harder to drag a color from the color palette to the swatches palette. Not sure why or if I'm doing something wrong? I haven't really played around yet.

  • Thanks for the offer, Jill!  I'll have to let someone else take you up on that one...I'm pretty entrenched in Windows (it's a love/hate relationship).