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  • Hello All,

    Are there any Minites that have foil stamping experience?  I would like to be able to stamp monograms or small designs onto sets of personalized stationery and maybe some business cards. I'm toying with the idea of doing pencils too.

    If you by chance own one is it new or vintage where did you find your type and can you have custom plates made (like for letterpress)?

    Thanks Everyone !


  • My printer here in Nashville does foil stamping, but I've never done it myself.  Interesting topic!

  • Thanks for letting me know Sarah.  I'm having a hard time finding a printer that is willing to do short run foil jobs in my area, so I maybe contacting you for your printer info.

    I think it would be fun to learn to do for myself, plus it would make turn around time much faster if I didn't have to outsource it.

  • Hot foil is a special process and you have to have a special machine for it. You can see some more information about it here. I've never worked with foiling (yet!) but I know if I wanted to have something with foil I would work with Burdge Cooper. They have competitive pricing and really good customer service. You'd probably be surprised how many printers can handle this process. If you want to keep things local, Ashley, try asking some offset printers in the area if they offer the service.

  • Thanks for the advice Meg!

  • I stumbled across this today and thought of you:


    I haven't tried it out to give you any feedback, but it looks promising.


  • Susan, i JUST pinned this like a minute ago!! Def. will be trying it out.

  • So thoughtful of you Susan. Thank you!  This is a great way to test the waters before plunking down a ton of money of a new foil stamper or taking a risk and buying a used one.


  • This does indeed work! I've had the most success on very smooth surfaces, coated stocks seem to work extremely well.

    This is however nothing like using a die/press setup. In some ways it's better because you don't have to have dies made for each individual job (which can get expensive). But you do miss out on the impression if that's what you're after.

  • Thanks Jessica! I'm glad to hear it works.  I do love the impression that a stamp machine would leave, but I am finding that the cost of dies and type do add up.

    Do you happen to know if the foil will fuse to anything printed digitally?  I know it will adhere to toner from a laser printer or a copy machine, and to my understanding "inks" that are used in digital printers are usually a combination of superfine microtoner and an oil.  I'm concerned that if I have part of a design that is already printed digitally and I only want to foil a name or monogram (that would be printed with a laser printer of course) that the foil would adhere to the digitally printed designs as well.

  • That's a good question Ashley.

    My understanding is that digital printing comes in two forms, ink based (mostly used for fine art printing or giclee prints) or toner (what most people mean when they talk about digital printing). In general digital printing just means there is no plate making involved (as in offset printing)—it's a direct ink-to-substrate process.

    The digital presses that uses a toner/oil mixture use the oil to carry the superfine toner particles to the paper. It's still in essence a gigantic laser printer that uses heat to melt the toner onto the paper. Given that, I don't think it would work; unless the small size of the toner particles from the digital press effects their ability to remelt during foil fusing. If you used a true ink process (like inkjet or offset) it would certainly work.

  • Good to know.  Thanks again Jessica!