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  • I just have to say...the Minted Community of designers is so awesome! Just over a year ago, I wasn't sure I'd ever have anything for sale on Minted, and, now, I'm so proud (and humbled at the same time) to have my designs for sale among so many others that I cannot even conceive of designing myself. Some of you have such amazing illustration skills (I can't compete with that!), some of you are so clever with using space and creating something minimal yet new and fresh (that I kick myself because I was not so clever to design myself!), some of you have the coolest handwriting (mine is so lame!), some of you have the most amazing eye for color coordination and come up with the most amazing palettes (I need to start looking at more Design Seed images, I guess!), and some of you amazing Minties can do it all. And, on top of all that awesomeness that continually pushes and inspires me toward better design, you all are sweet and super helpful, too. Where else can someone with no formal graphic design training get such an education, and from competitors, at that! Just amazing.

  • I have to agree with everything you have said Kim. There is a diverse mix of skills and that is what makes it such an inspiring place to be.

    Good luck with the latest challenges and soon you might have even more designs for sale!


  • I know, right?  and I even forgot to mention those with rad typography and layout skills - which I covet, also.

    Thanks, Corinne - you, too!!

  • Well said, Kim. I'm always amazed by this group!
  • Minted is very lucky to have such a diverse group of talent creating their artwork and we are very lucky to grow and learn from one another!

  • I agree! Every single day I think about how this is the most amazing community. I feel so fortunate to be a part of it. The only thing that could make it better (for me) would be a local Minted design studio and more local Minite meet ups :). Okay so the design studio is kind of a dream but wouldn't that be fun?

    Kim, Thanks for initiating this thread... your designs are wonderful and your support and participation as a fellow Mintie is awesome!

  • Awww - thanks, Monica!  You're so sweet.  I like your designs, too, and am glad you found Minted!  Every one of us makes it more great.

    And I love your local Minted Studio idea - how fun would THAT be?! :)  I'd vote for more meet-ups in Ohio - my first one was so much fun.

  • Hi everyone,

    I couldn't agree more with your comments - the Minted community is the nicest group of people I've ever worked with.  We really value the principles at the center of the community, which are to support your fellow designer and support the community process overall.  You can help keep a good thing going by sending us honest feedback that will help us improve the experience for you.

    Monica - I will be coming down to the LA and the Newport Beach areas in October, and am planning to have a meet up then.  I'll send you the dates, I hope to meet you in person!


  • Thanks, Mariam!  You are one amazing businesswoman.  Thank you for creating such an awesome thing. :)

  • Very excited for the fall meet up Mariam! I will be in SF in Sept so hope to attend that one too.
  • Just reading this makes me so happy that Ive finally taken the leap to join this great site. I really am so excited at what it will bring, whatever it may be.

    Kim, referring to the bit about 'wishing you designed it yourself' - i wish i wrote this post! :)

    Best to you all


  • Phrosne - I think you'll be happy you joined!  Although, be prepared for total addiction...

    I'm not the first to sing Minted's praises on the Forum, just the most recent.  I think most of us feel grateful for Mariam's vision and the whole design community here at Minted on a frequent basis.  So many of us have gained so much from our participation here.  And I think you'll find this the most supportive (and protective) group of people anywhere.

  • Newbie here...and I thought I'd chimed in and say I wholeheartedly agree with the addictive part! This site should come with a warning...lol.

  • I know this is an old thread but the first time I discovered Minted was via seasonal employment as a design associate.  From that moment on (October 2012) I was hooked.  I have never encountered more like-minded, inspirationally focused, sophisticated group of individuals in my life!  Recently I have had the pleasure of working on several of the challenges and I can honestly say that the people I have discovered are more of the same amazingly talented, incredibly focused designers, EVER!  They are so willing to offer help in any way they can with no expectations!  It is like being embraced by an old friend you haven't seen in a really long time!  The exchange of ideas and concepts are amazing and I will always be a loyal Minted devotee!

  • Aw, that is a lovely comment to leave! It was so nice to get the notification email. Thank you Margaret.
  • I agree with Phrosne - it was a nice email to read! And congratulations on your first award, Margaret!

  • Thank you!  That was very sweet and coming from two of my favorite designers... That really means a lot!  Thanks so much!