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  • hi Minties-

    I know this question has been asked before but couldn't find the answer...

    We have our minted-approved font list, which I stick to religiously for any personalizable info - names, addresses, etc. - but what about other info such as "Happy New Year"? Do you use whichever font you want as long as it's for commercial use or do you stick to the minted-approved list?

    I've seen designs for sale on minted that include fonts that are not on the list but just wondering how other Minties approach this??

    Also, I've noticed that, when viewing and downloading fonts online, whether its for personal or commercial use is not always stated. Is there something I am missing? Is there a general rule to follow, i.e. if you pay for it, its for commercial use? I don't think that's true because some of the minted-approved fonts are free...

    Thanks so much for any insight anyone can offer!


  • hi Monica,

    For anything that's not editable [the personal info] I use whatever font I think works best and outline the font.

  • Hi Monica!

    I read in another forum post that minted will consider non-list fonts for static text on a case-by-case basis.

    When you download a font, I think it should come with a license that explains whether it's for personal use only or commercial use as well. For example, when you download any font from Google Web Fonts, it also downloads a text file which states that it is distributed under the Open Font License. MyFonts purchases also come with licenses.

    I hope that helps!

    - Madeline

  • Thanks Carol and Madeline!

  • Hi Monica,

    I've been wondering about this too!  There is a website www.fontsquirrel.com that has commercial-use free fonts, and I've downloaded a lot of fonts from there...but even still, I'm not totally sure about using them.  (Even though I see other designers using fonts that are not on the Minted font list all the time.)  I think I've decided to use them only in non-editable text and outline them, and stick to the font list for editable text.


  • hi Kathy-

    Thanks so much for your response! I agree with you and I'm taking the same approach. I just found fontsquirrel.com recently too... they do have a lot of nice fonts!


  • My rule of thumb is that if it doesn't specifically say you can use something commercially (font, photo, texture, etc.), then it's not available for commercial use.

    So you must be given specific permission from the creator/originator to use the resource commercially. Of course, if you find something that isn't available for commercial use, you can always try to contact the font designer (if they're independent/small/individual) and ask to see if you can work something out.

    The trick is that Minted would also have to speak to the font creator to obtain licensing permission, which is why they have the list.

    It's my understanding that creating outlines of fonts that aren't for commercial use violates the terms of the fonts license. Outlining it or making it not editable doesn't change that the font is still in use. This would be in the case of free trials, or free for personal use fonts, etc. where the license doesn't specifically state it can be used commercially.

    That's just what I've learned over the years regarding commercial use, etc. :)