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  • Can anyone offer some tips on borderless printing?  I have a design that goes straight to the edge but the printer always seems to put space between the end of my art and the edge of the page.

    I have tried selecting "borderless," in the print dialog but it's still not working...

    I would be so pleased if anyone could offer help, thank you!!!

  • Apparently I could also use some advice on color settings for the printer.  I'm using an Epson Artisan 837 and the colors don't seem as quite right on the page compared to what they look like in Illustrator...the paper is much darker.

    Do you find it helpful to work with a Pantone book, if so, which one?

    I hope I'm not being annoying...I'm new to stationery design and printing especially.  Most of my work has been as a User Experience designer for a software company, so no printing required!  I'm also semi-new to minted.com so I would appreciate any advice (on printing or any topic) that you guys could offer on how to be successful as I see so many beautiful designs and accomplished designers in this community!

    Thank you!

  • I don't have an Epson so I can't comment on that, but personally I don't do any printing myself.  It would make me nervous and I'm not good at cutting straight lines.  If it's an issue for you, there have been discussions on short run printers on the board in the past.  Personally I use WHCC, Millers, and McKenna as well as a couple local printers here in Nashville for higher end projects like weddings.

  • I have a different Epson, but may be able to help with the borderless printing. Are you printing from Illustrator? Cutting your paper first or anything like that?

  • @ Sara thank you for your help, I will look again through past discussions and see what I can find there.  I am also looking into print shops, but fear that with even a 10 pc minimum, printing samples might be expensive.

    @Bitsy I have tried printing from Illustrator as well as from a pdf, the paper is 5x7 already, I don't want to cut it myself.  I spent about an hour on the phone with Epson and it seems that what I want to do--print borderless on a matte paper--cannot be done, I can only print borderless on glossy paper.  Pretty frustrating.  At the moment, I am researching a new printer!

    Thank you both for your time!

  • That's really odd. I have an R1900 and adore it. It's a photo printer, but I rarely print photos--usually greeting cards and art prints on various stock. I frequently print borderless, too. It has a 12x12 inch borderless option. I do know there are newer models that do this, too.

    Best of luck in your research!

  • Hi, Kirstin!  I have Epson printers that print borderless - if it doesn't show up as an option for the size and media you are printing, then it's not available for that size/media.  What I never liked about the borderless printing is that the printer "stretches" the design to fit the full space.  When I was printing orders at home, I liked to print before cutting to speed up the printing - so, if I had an edge-to-edge design on an A2 card, I would try to use borderless printing and print 4 per letter size sheet.  Unfortunately, with the stretching, the A2 card on the bottom right would look slightly different from the one on the top left, etc.  I hated that, so I would only print 2 per letter sheet and skip the borderless printing (my printers will not do borderless on an A2 size).  My Epson printers allowed 5x7 printing as long as it was on a photo paper media setting - for matte printing, I would use "Premium Presentation Paper Matte."  I would try that if it's an option on yours.  Good luck! Kim

  • Wow, I had no idea that desktop printing could be so difficult!  I am going to explain my solution in case anyone else is having similar problems.

    I did finally figure out a way to print borderless - I ended up using the "Premium Presentation Paper Matte" indeed, thank you Kim for your suggestion.  However, this means that whenever I want to print I will have to print from Windows (there are many more options in the print dialog), which is a bit annoying since I am working on a Mac.  In Windows you can set a custom paper size and allow it to print borderless without having to print from the photo tray.

    If I do continue to print at home I found that the EpsonR2000 or R3000 were often recommended, so I will put those on my wish list.  I have also heard a lot of great things about Stationery HQ, so I will be giving them a try as well I think for jobs that require lots of color and ink.

    Thank you so much to Sara, Bitsy, and Kim for your advice!!!


  • Glad I could help.  My Epson R2400 just died this past year - but it was the best, while it lasted!

    I've heard several other Minties use the Canon Pixma Pro 9000 or 9500 and like it, but I have no experience with it - something to look into.  Good luck!

  • I used this tutorial to learn how to set up my documents and printer for borderless printing: http://www.thehybridchick.com/borderless-printing/

    It's really helpful, but you'll want to make sure that your printer can actually handle it. :) I print my resume borderless and it's lovely. I just made sure to make my design bleed to the edge of the paper.

    Also, I think the issue with it stretching the design depends on whether or not you have the design bleed to or past the edges of the document/paper size, but I could be wrong.


    Hope that helps!

  • This is all great advice, thank you!!!