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  • Hello everyone! I'm just stopping by with a quick introduction. My name is Amy, and I am the designer behind elle + bean. I have just submitted my first two entries in the Stationery Gifts Challenge, and I'm excited to become a member of this community.

    A little more about me...I live in Arizona with my husband and two daughters (ages 4 and 20 months). I have been doing freeelance graphic design for almost 5 years, which probably still makes me a newbie. I still work the corporate rat race by day, and it's my dream to some day take the plunge into freelance graphic design on a full time basis. In the meantime, I pretty much work two full time jobs. It's exhausting.

    As I mentioned, I just submitted two designs for the stationery gifts challenge, and I have about 7 more designs sketched out that I would like to submit...if I can finish on time!

    Anyway, I am happy to be here, and just wanted to say hello!

  • Welcome Amy. Minted is a wonderful community offering so much support and creative opportunities. Let's see, full time day job, freelancing and did you count mother of 2? Good luck on your first challenge. Sue

  • Thanks Sue for the welcome! Yes- I'm totally crazy in all that I do, but being a freelancer full time is the end goal, so I hope I only have a little more time left working these crazy hours!

  • Hi Amy!

    I'm new to the challenges as well and am so excited to get involved with the minted community.  Similar to you, I'm working towards that freelancing goal.  It's certainly time consuming, but hopefully worth it in the long run.

    Good luck!


  • Thought I would join in the "newbie" conversation.  I just posted my first design on Minted, really excited to learn and expand my horizons.

    I'm currently employed full-time but secretly plotting my entrepreneurial future in the stationery world because I can't get enough of design and paper!  Would love to hear from others! :)


  • Newbies are always welcome! Hope you enjoy your Minted experience as much as we do!
  • Welcome Amy!  I also live in Arizona!  My husband and I moved here six months ago from Chicago.

    I've only been submitting to Minted since the Spring, but so far I have found it to be SUCH an encouraging and supportive group of people. I learn so much from all the designers and as I work from home, it has been such a blessing to have this community. I am sure you'll find the same as you get involved!

    And welcome to the other new designers too...Dara and Brittany!

  • Thanks for the welcome! I love a good community- especially since I sit in front of a computer day and night.

    @Mariel- Welcome to Arizona! Where about are you? I'm in Gilbert. And I'm also from Chicago! I moved here many years ago, but I grew up in the burbs southwest of Chicago, in Oswego. Oswego was tiny when I grew up there, but it has grown so much over the years!


  • Okay Mariel- I just noticed you are in Scottsdale! We should meet up some time! I love to meet fellow creatives- they are the only people who understand my brain. Like how if a design is burning in my head, I have to sit down at the computer and get it out immediately, no matter the time of night.

  • Oh I would love that, Amy!  Send me an email sometime and hopefully we can make it happen :) marieljschmitt@gmail.com