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  • One thing that's frustrating about the forum here is that unless you use your minted.com username it's hard to tell who you're talking to. I, personally, would love to be able to put a design with a name, blog, etc. This may get tangled up with the whole privacy issue, but it would be great if when you clicked on a forum member's name you were given the option to link to their minted.com designer's page. Is this possible and I'm just not seeing it?

    Until then, I thought we could start a thread that ties all our secret identities together. So if you're in, post a comment with your screen name, your minted designer name, and your blog or website if you have one, your etsy store, and maybe the first minted challenge you ever entered.

    By the way I used "Mighty Mintie" Design Lotus a.k.a. Amy's instructions for inserting a link into my post and you can too:

    Make sure to format comments as html


    Example -
    <a href="http://hannahcloud.wordpress.com/">Hannah's Blog</a>
  • real name: Hannah
    screen name: hannahcloud
    minted.com designer name: hannahcloud design
    blog or website: hannahcloud.com
    etsy site: hannahcloud's etsy shop
    First Challenge: Love at First Serif Wedding Invitation Challenge

    About me: I have always been artsy/crafty/wuzzly and my earliest dream was to design book jackets, though I never followed that dream professionally and instead got my degree in sociology and education. Prior to having kids (two boys, 2 and 4.5) I taught 8th grade English and Social Studies in the Boston Public Schools and then was the Development Director at a non-profit girls' school and adult education center. While there I got to design all the "propaganda," including newsletters, annual reports, event invitations, brochures, etc. I was hooked. From there I started out designing my family's holiday cards, birth announcements, and event invites, eventually started doing work for friends and just this past year started to offer my services in earnest. I'm mostly word of mouth now, but I have made a few etsy sales and hope that at some point I will find the magic formula that clicks with people of minted.com. I love that while we all have very different stories, we are able to find so many common threads.

    Glad to meet you all.
  • real name: Sara
    screen name: sheilwagen
    minted.com designer name: Sara Heilwagen
    website: SaraHeilwagen.com

    I haven't filled in my "About me" section yet because I never know what to write, but in a nutshell: I stay at home with our son Adam who is 19 months (he's the boy in the Photography section on my website). My "real" job is design/advertising for a realty group in Boise doing property brochures, marketing materials, etc. I also do freelance for a few other realtors, businesses, friends, and family. We live in the suburbs of Nashville, TN.
  • real name: Ann
    screen name: ajgardner
    minted.com designer name: Ann Gardner
    blog: G2creativedesign

    I jumped into the minted community with both feet! Hopefully I haven't stepped on anyone's toes! Just joined during the breakout wedding challenge and look forward to more challenges ahead. My last "real" job was at a design studio in DC (Dupont Circle area). Now I freelance from my newly relocated home in Texas. I don't miss the office politics, but I do miss the feedback from other designers. You Minties are great and the challenges are fun. It's so nice to feel like a part of the design community again and not feel like I'm living in my own little bubble.
  • BTW, I'm sorta figuring things out as I go, so if I do something that isn't Minted "kosher" please let me know!
  • real name: Kerry
    screen name: Paper Dahlia
    minted.com designer name: Paper Dahlia
    website: paperdahlia.com
    blog: paperdahliadesign.blogspot.com

    about me: I am a stay at home mom to an almost three year old. I have my own business, Paper Dahlia, and I also design for a couple of photo announcement sites. Long before this I went to art school and received a BFA in Painting. Got married and designed my own wedding invitations. I was so green (and not in a good way)...I designed them in MS Word and used a rubber stamp for the illustration! Anyway, I really started designing about 2 years after that. I love participating in the challenges. I have always needed a creative outlet whether it's painting, decorating, designing, cooking...okay I lied, I don't cook! You get the idea though. ;)
  • real name: Amy E.
    screen name: design lotus
    minted.com designer name: design lotus
    blog/website: designlotus.com
    email: info@designlotus.com
    1st Challenge - The Fabulous Thank You Card Design Challenge
    tags: wife, mom, designer, mintie, minted mentor

    About me - I'm an ordinary person with a passion for design and helping others. I believe in healthy competition - It keeps you on your toes and pushes you to better yourself.
  • real name: Gerrie
    screen name: chocomoccacino
    minted.com designer name: chocomoccacino
    website: chocomoccacino's design
    blog: juicy rain
    email: chocoyugi@gmail.com

    Nite 2 meet u all. I'm a 'freshman' minties... ^.^ so still need lots of u guyz help.. and sorry, if i've done something wrong..
  • real name: Sarah
    screen name: belletristics
    minted.com designer name: Sarah Brown
    blog: Belletristics' Blog
    website: Belletristics' Website
    etsy site: Belletristics' etsy shop

    Another newbie to Minted here! I love the Minted contests since they allow me to design whatever I want, rather than the client directed design work I usually do. Although I am sometimes at a loss without the feedback/direction from clients that I'm used to, so everyone's comments and critiques here are much appreciated!
  • real name: Paige
    minted.com designer name: Paige Rothhaar
    blog/website: http://mydesigncadence.blogspot.com/

    First joined during the Breakout Wedding challenge. I was an art director for an ad agency and got a little burned out with typical quick-turn demands. I left to freelance on my own. While the commercial projects pay the bills, stationery design is what keeps me inspired. Like Ann, I definitely don't miss the drama of office politics but I do miss the creative camaraderie. I work from home so my dog and contractors are all I see somedays. lol (We're in the process of remodeling our new home.) Which is also why I feel guilty for becoming a Minted addict. I should probably be painting a wall or removing wall paper when I'm not working. And someday I'll get my website/blog up to speed but I've always said I was my own worst client. :)
  • I'm still sort of a newbie here. I joined last fall during the Joyful Celebration challenge and to my utter surprise delight one of my designs was voted into the top 10! I was hooked immediately. Unfortunately I haven't been able to keep up with all the challenges as much as I want to because of my crazy schedule. I have an Etsy shop, and work two different consulting jobs as a graphic designer, all from home. I also stay home with my 4 and 6 year old and have a baby girl due in June! I'll echo what everyone has said so far...it's great to have a community of other creative people/designers for feedback and support! I love Minted! The talent is sometimes intimidating, but it's very inspirational.

    real name: Amy Sheridan
    screen name: AmySheridan / AKSheridan
    minted.com designer name: Amy Sheridan
    blog: wish I had time for a blog
    etsy site: http://aksheridan.etsy.com
  • ahh i forgot to add 'who am i'

    well i am also a freelancer, used to work as a graphic designer.. and deals with mostly invitations.. I just love papers, textures, illustration, printing. Very. very passionate about it!

    Just join minties on the Breakout Wedding Challenge.. and get addicted rite away. Lots of inspiring stuffs here, from the blog and entries. Love it all.. Hoping to win, or to be in the top 10/20.. but nevertheless, just happy to be here and designing my favourite stuffs!!.. So feel free to gv me any comments.. As a freelancer, those are so valuable..!!
  • Well, I don't use a screen name, I don't have a blog or etsy site (yet), and I'm not sure if understand how to get my minted.com designer page to link--so, maybe my posting here is kind of a bust--LOL!

    real name: Karen Glenn
    screen name: karen glenn
    minted.com designer page: karen glenn
    First challenge: The Inspired Personal Stationary Challenge

    I started my career (using that term a little loosely) designing stained glass windows part-time. Quit to be at home with my children when my infant daughter began having seizures. Found a creative outlet in scrapbooking, won some awards, became a regular contributor/contributing editor for Creating Keepsakes and Simple Scrapbooks magazines. I had begun using Adobe software to create brochures, pamphlets, etc for the non-profit I volunteer for and decided to also try my hand at designing stationery. So, here I am!

    I have recently conned my twin sister into getting Illustrator and joining me in stationery design. Hopefully we will open shop in the next couple of months. I'll let you all know :)

    Thanks to Minted for providing this opportunity for designers to grow their talents!
  • Here we go. Linked correctly with the kind assistance of designlotus. Thanks, Amy!

    real name: Karen Glenn
    screen name: karen glenn
    minted.com designer page: karen glenn
  • Ha! Or maybe not quite ;) I had the html button selected and everything!
  • so you can't delete your posts but you can edit them.
  • This is AWESOME. SO nice to "connect" with all of you. Amy, I think that's a great idea, how would I go about changing the post name? Or is that something staff could do? If so, Ihave no problem with the name being changed.
    Thanks for all the info guys!
  • Did it. Thanks Amy.
  • Thanks Hannah for making this easier for all of us to "connect".

    Here is my info:

    real name: Nam
    screen name: gakemi

    Sorry I don't have a business,website or blog up yet - hoping to get it going when the kids are old enough to say they want to be left alone. I started as architectural technologist for a real estate developer and a freelance illustrator and when the kids arrived I've made a choice to stay home. Love, love minted for offering designers an avenue to be creative and learn from the craft.

    Newbies, welcome to the club! and addicted? we're all in the same boat and when the results comes in, you'll get the shakes ;)
  • Real name: Sandra but everyone calls me Sandy
    screen name: Sandra Pons
    minted.com designer page: Sandra Pons
    website: ponsdesign.com

    I've been a freelance designer for the last 16 years and I love the freedom. Getting a little burnt out on corporate work so these competitions keep my creative juices flowing. Can't dump the corporate work completely because I have one in college and another starting in the fall.

    In my spare time I paint Byzantine Icons and sing in a choir.
  • Real Name: Jackie
    Screen Name: BelieveNotes
    Mintedname: BelieveNotes
    website: http://believenotes.blogspot.com

    I am a newbie to this whole Minted thing. One of my co-workers placed an order through Minted and told me to check it out. Speaking of co-workers, professionally I have nothing to do with design. I'm a Workforce Specialist for a utility company (don't you love titles that really say nothing about what you actually do?!). My job is fantastic, but extremely stressful, so at the end of the day I love coming home and plopping in front of Illustrator. I learned how to use Illustrator during a one year stint at a design school in college- but hadn't used it in years. Now that I've picked it up again, I work on designs every single day. I try to push myself a tad further, learn something a big out of my skill level and then I practice, practice, practice. I adore feedback and am shamelessly addicted to Minted.
  • These or so fun! Okay so here's me...

    Real Name: Kellie
    Screen Name: Two Pooch
    Mintedname: Two Pooch Paperie (although my comments come up as kellie, so I'm not sure what I did there)
    website: Two Pooch Paperie
    design portfolio: Kellie Micka
    blog: on the fence if I should start one
    favorite cereal: peanut butter cap'n crunch (this is pertinent info because my best ideas happen while eating a bowl)

    I'm fairly new to Minted, first entry being last fall with the Joyful Celebration Challenge. Totally addicted.
    I've been doing graphic design for about 7 years, mostly for greeting card companies. I broke loose two years ago to try out traditional graphic design work at a small marketing studio but could never shake my love for stationery. So I decided to start doing it on the side and it is so much more fun doing it this way than in a corporate environment. So now, I get to do the "bread and butter" designs during the day and then come home and play. I'd love to be on my own completely one day...but we shall see! No kids, two dogs, one cat and one never-gonna-propose boyfriend. And that's me in a nutshell.
  • real name: Laura
    screen name: Laura
    minted.com designer name: Laura Hankins
    blog or website: laurahankins.blogspot.com
    First Challenge: Baby! Baby! Design Challenge

    My degree is in industrial design, and I did that for a little over a year after college, designing for a small gift and housewares company. I married my husband in summer '08 and it's been an adventure ever since- he is in the army and we're very lucky to be stationed in Hawaii right now. I did some graphic design work for a photographer when we first moved, and I've recently decided to focus on freelancing full-time. It's a very army-friendly career, I'll be able to pack it up and take it with me wherever we end up next. Minted has been a great creative outlet and sounding board for me, I've learned so much just from observing and participating in the challenges- and it helped me to realize that stationery and illustration are what I want to be doing!
  • Great idea, Hannah! I think you can also update your forum profile with this info...

    real name: Roxanne
    screen name in the forums: roxanne
    minted.com designer name: roxanne chang
    blog or website or etsy site: i barely have time to get submissions into minted. running a shop or website would totally do me in.
    First Challenge: The Joyful Celebration Design Challenge

    A little about me...
    I'm an engineer by training, and I would tell you what type of engineering but I'd be boring you. By some miracle of chance, I ended up designing user interfaces for web software instead of designing power plants. My job involves a little bit of image design work, but it's nothing like creating cards. I was thoroughly addicted to Minted since the day I stumbled upon the site. There happened to be a challenge in progress, so I set off to work creating my first minted submission. I was so proud of it and then quickly realized how talented the designer pool was. But I learn something with every challenge I enter, and all those gorgeous winning designs are my would-be teachers. Even if I don't have time to enter the design challenges, I'm obsessed with checking the forums. [Speaking of which, I have to pause to say thanks to Design Lotus Amy for pushing the forums to the next level with her always entertaining posts and interesting thread topics.] To all of the new Minties out there, welcome to your new addiction.
  • hey everyone! great idea

    screen name: Andrea S.
    real name: Andrea Snaza
    Minted Designer Page- www.minted.com/designer/andreasnaza

    website/blog/etc... still works in progress ;)
  • Roxanne-- thanks for pointing out that our forum profiles are editable to include this information. I just updated mine.
    Still loving having an opportunity to see everyone's info in one place. Thanks for sharing all.
  • Great idea! I'm one of the designers on here who doesn't show up by my minted name!

    real name: Amanda Larsen
    screen name on forum: design4larsen
    screen name on minted: Amanda Larsen
    website: amandalarsendesign.com
    email: design4larsen@yahoo.com
    first challenge: The Fabulous Baby Announcement Design Challenge

    I stumbled across minted when I was home on maternity leave a few years back. It took me about a year to enter the challenges, and I've been addicted ever since! :) I've been working in the print design industry for 12 years and have a M.A. in Publications Design, and am in the beginning stages of learning web and e-letter design. During the day, I work primarily on corporate identity projects and book jackets. I love participating in the minted challenges b/c it allows me to be creative in a different way. Not to mention, I've fallen in love with stationery design. I enjoy seeing the level of creativity within the minted community....it truly is a diverse and great group of talented designers!
  • real name: Leslie Hamer
    screen name on forum: LeslieHamer
    screen name on minted: Unless Someone Like You
    website: UnlessSomeoneLikeYou.com
    email: Leslie@UnlessSomeoneLikeYou.com
    first challenge: The Joyful Celebration Design Challenge

    About me: Running my etsy shops, and my website is my full time job (besides mom, maid, accountant of course.) Somedays it is exhilarating and other days I barely remember what "sunshine" and "free time" are. I long for a job where 13 hours days are unheard of, and all I have to do is design all day and then relax at home with my son and husband. Sigh.

    Minted has been so much fun to participate in and there isn't a greater or nicer community of designers out there!
  • real name: Maria Estigoy
    screen name: maria_estigoy
    minted.com designer name: Arden Reed Designs
    website: no website
    blog: in progress
    first challenge: Minted's Last Call Holiday Challenge

    I started my career in marketing and event planning which I stumbled upon becoming the in-house graphic designer, creating marketing collateral, direct mail pieces, visual merchandising, etc. I didn't have any formal training but fell in love with graphic design immediately. Then I got another gig, strictly marketing and no design work. Enjoyed the company and marketing but got laid off. Fast forward, found another job with design work and at the same time discovered minted challenges. Now here I am. ADDICTED and loving my involvement with minted which has sparked my next endeavor - to become a freelance graphic designer.

    Besides my corporate job, I am building my graphic and event design portfolio, hoping to soon work from home so I can do what I love and be with my children more often. Although I've got a long way to go, I can't thank minted and the design community enough for being my mentors. You don't know how much I've learned from all of you ever since I started.
  • real name: annie
    designer name: annie clark
    blog or website: www.annieisadesigner.com very much a work in progress
    First Challenge: the very first save the date card challenge

    i've wanted to be a designer for as long as i can remember, and received a bfa in design from san francisco state. by day i work at minted, and the rest of the time i enjoy eating and walking around my sf neighborhood. seriously if you ever visit sf, let me know and we can walk, eat, and talk about fonts :)
  • real name: Yolanda
    designer name: Yolanda Mariak Chendak
    blog or website: www.paperiecouture.com coming soon
    First Challenge: Minted’s Keep In Touch Good Housekeeping Challenge

    Ever since I was a young girl my mother said I was always sketching, painting, looking through art books and magazines. I knew then there was nothing I wanted more than to be an artist. After graduating with a BFA degree and a minor in Illustration I started working in NYC. For the past 18 years I worked in advertising/ marketing and left my last job in NYC as Creative Director and excepted my current job in Princeton, NJ as an Associate Creative Director. Yes I said 18 years.. I'm 39 years old, I have a wonderful husband and two little boys (1 and 4 years old).

    For years in my spare time I designed stationery for family, friends and clients. I've always been very passionate about it. I'm so happy I found minted.com it's a wonderful group of talented designers who have the chance to showcase their work.
  • real name: beth perry
    designer name: beth perry design
    blog: www.bethperrydesign.blogspot.com
    website: www.bethperrydesign.com - still a big work in progress!
    twitter: @bethperrydesign
    e-mail: bethperrydesign at gmail.com
    first challenge: Fabulous Thank You Card Design Challenge

    Like most everyone here, I had a love of art + design from a really young age. My mom was an art teacher before my sister and I were born and she later painted commissioned work for clients, so I grew up around the paint tubes, brushes and canvases that she kept around the house. I loved hand-lettering and would draw my own birthday invites + make stationery for myself when I was little. In high school + college, I made banners, flyers, invites and the occasional t-shirt for friends or clubs, but I ended up being a broadcast journalism major with minors in studio art, art history and creative writing. I've worked in PR + marketing since graduation, mostly at law firms. Legal marketing typically requires some knowledge of graphics programs, and I fell in love with the Adobe Creative Suite at my first law firm job. I taught myself the basics of the programs and since then, have learned something new almost every day. At my last law firm, I did all of our in-house design, but I don't do any at the current job where I'm the Communications Manager (mostly writing projects, press releases, etc.) As for minted, found out about it through a friend who had moved to San Francisco in 2008 and she had heard about it through word of mouth, and I jumped in head first! I adore this fine community of folks - the great group of designers and the people who work at Minted, too. The feedback during design challenges is so appreciated, and I just love this Forum - all of which have also helped a great deal in the learning process!
  • real name: Sydney
    designer name: Sydney Newsom
    minted profile: www.minted.com/designer/proudaspunch
    blog: working on it . . .
    first challenge: Keep in Touch Good Housekeeping Challenge

    I have always loved all things creative. I graduated from Auburn in 2003 with a B.A. in English, Concentration in Literature and minor in Art History. I have been the marketing coordinator for an architecture and engineering firm for just over three years. I got CS3 two years ago and attended a 2-day course in InDesign. InDesign because I do so many newsletters, brochures, proposals, etc. After that I began making various invitations and stationary for family and friends. I started using Illustrator exactly a year ago while organzing a fundraiser. I think it took me an entire month to draw a guitar using Illustrator when it should have taken a couple of hours!

    Between working full-time, having the complete inability to say "no" to people who want invitations and stationary, raising a family, and lots of fundraising (again my inability to say no) . . . I stay busy to say the least. I have learned so much about design through my recent discovery of "Minted". Sometimes I wish someone would block minted.com from my computer so I could do other things but I'm pretty sure that I would be threatening that persons life minutes later if they didn't un-block it very quickly.
  • real name: Amy F.
    designer name: Three Kisses Studio (just changed it...used to be Amy Fontes Graphic Designs)
    etsy: www.threekissesstudio.etsy.com

    About me...
    Graduated from college in '95 with a BA in Speech Communication. Started out in graphic design but you know, was the "world's smartest person" and changed my major about 10 times. Over the years have been a job gypsy, never really doing what I loved. In that time, I would find myself being drawn to great graphics...from packaging to posters to fabrics. I tend to buy wine based on the label design and always said if you packaged dirt in a really cool box, I'd probably buy it. So I went back to school in 2006 and got a degree in Graphic Design. Finished in 2008, but with a 3 month old (shoulda seen a 36 year old pregnant woman walking the college halls with 18 year olds!). Anyway, went straight to freelancing so I could be "mommy" full time. Have some corporate clients but really love the personal stationery side and thus pursue that more. Love Minted and found it through an ad in Martha Stewart Weddings.
  • Real Name: Susan Schneider
    Designer Name: Susan Schneider
    Screen Name: Susan Schneider.... original, huh?! :-)
    Web Site: susanschneider.org
    Email: suz.schneider@yahoo.com
    First Challenge: The Ultimate Bridal Shower Invitation Design Challenge

    About Me: I am an Art Director at an advertising agency in Boston. I also run marathons, play tennis, etc. I love designing for minted in my spare time. And because of minted, I have realized how much I love to design, and that I design for me, not because it's my job. It is a true passion. Thanks to everyone in the community for the helpful feedback, the competition, and for continuing to push each other to grow as designers.
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm on vacation right now in DC, and what am I doing? I am reading the Minted Forum, of course! This is because I, like some of you, am totally addicted. I just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are to me and to the Minted team. Every time we get a little tired (we are a small team trying to do a lot) or otherwise need a pick-up, we come into the Forum and get totally and completely re-energized by what we read here. Thank you all very much for posting here and telling us more about yourselves.

  • Im a graphic designer who loves to work with non-profits and small businesses. I love being a part of projects that help bring awareness to the needs around us and help better the lives of people.

  • real name: Alison
    screen name: al_michael
    minted.com designer name: Alison Michael
    blog or website: www.twitter.com/al_michael is the most active and will link to other ways to check out my work or contact me.
    First Challenge: Around the World Holiday Card Design Challenge

    About me: I learned of the Minted design community from Annie Clark in 2008. She's an inspirational designer and friend and we both shared a love for all things paper. She knew I'd just love Minted and she was right. I reside in San Francisco but my heart is definitely in the Midwest. I am an Ohio girl to a fault and soda will always be called "pop." I went to an art school in SF for copywriting in advertising and design. I spent my high school summers in San Francisco studying print making, photography and design and when I decided to pursue art as my career, I couldn't think of a better place to be. While in school I worked as the in-house print manager/designer for a paper store. I did a lot of custom design work there but also held a lot of private appointments with brides to find the perfect paper goods for their big day. Cut to present day, I very happily work for Minted, where inspiration is abundant and I learn something new every day. I spend my time away from the office writing, perusing cat blogs and volunteering for a great little online literary journal, TheRumpus.net.
  • real name: Paula
    screen name: speckledduck
    minted.com designer name: Speckled Duck
    website: The Speckled Duck
    first challenge: Breakout Wedding Challenge

    Hi! I'm another newbie to Minted. I am a full-time designer for a home decor company, but like many others I have my real fun when everyone's gone to bed. I do mostly work for people I know, but thought the Minted Challenges would be a great way to push myself creatively. My three year old son, Nathan, and my husband believe in me and always encourage me to follow my dreams... and that is the most rewarding thing of all! I'm looking forward to more challenges and getting to know more Minties.
  • real name: Desri "Dezz"
    screen name: PeachBlossomPaperie
    minted.com designer name: Peach Blossom Paperie
    website: www.peachblossompaperie.com
    blog: www.peachblossompaperie.com/blog2
    facebook page: Peach Blossom Paperie on Facebook
    First Challenge: Breakout Wedding Challenge

    Hello fellow designers! Another newbie here! I must say I have been very impressed with the level of creativity and talent here, as well and the encouragement and support everyone seems to give each other. I've been a "designer" since the age of three when I decided my mother's walls would look better in crayon, and was lucky to be raised in a home with talented and creative parents. I studied Graphic Design in college, but changed my major one semester shy of graduation when I decided my free spirit didn't want to sit behind a computer all day. Funny how life works out, because I sit behind a computer all day now coding medical records. Due to circumstances, life took me down a different road career-wise, but my passion and my love for art and design have never faded. I am very much looking forward to the day when I can practice my passion full time. But in the meantime, I’m moonlighting as a designer and planning my own wedding to the love of my life (and my inspiration) this July. I am happy to be a part of this talented community of designers, and would be proud to eventually make a name for myself.
  • real name: Carrie Eckert
    screen name: littledaypress
    minted.com designer name: Carrie Eckert
    retail website: www.penandparchment.net
    blog: www.stationeryscoop.blogspot.com/
    facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pen-and-Parchment/12652553809
    twitter: http://twitter.com/carrieeckert
    First Challenge: The Ultimate Bridal Shower Invitation Design Challenge

    Hi everyone! I have had a great time improving my design skills since joining the Minted community in the summer of 2008. At that time I had been running my retail stationery website for 3 years and had just begun designing myself. (I concur that it would be great if we could delete some of our older not-so-great designs.) Even though my mother is an interior designer and pretty much every other female in my extended family does some type of design-related job for a living, I have an economics degree. I guess I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. If I had the money and the time to go back for a BFA in Graphic Design I would, but right now I'll just have to settle for lynda.com, trial and error, mac one-to-one sessions (highly recommended) and google searches for training. Anyway, I've really enjoyed "meeting" so many talented and friendly designers through Minted. What a great community!
  • Real Name: Sharon
    Screen Name: gibberish ink
    Minted.com Designer Name: gibberish ink
    Website: http://www.sharonwasden.com
    Other Website: http://www.gibberishink.com (Currently Under Construction—Nothing up yet, but a background)
    First Challenge: Baby! Baby! Design Challenge

    I teach Graphic Design at a college in South Florida, and I am constantly consumed by real quotation marks and the proper use of dashes. It can be stressful watching other people make things all day long and helping others make their work better. Meanwhile, it never seems like I never have enough time to work on my own projects. Minted gives me a nice break from reality…a no-strings-attached design community where I can just experiment with designing unfamiliar content. The challenges are short, and I can do it in a weekend when I want to procrastinate in the grading department.

    I first became interested in Minted when I noticed the delicacy of the design aesthetic. I’ve never been one to be very delicate when it comes to my design/art, but it’s definitely something I would like to add to my style repertoire. I find it very challenging since it goes against my instincts. With every competition I learn more, and I do think my awareness is increasing; that makes me happy.

  • Real Name: Meg
    Screen Name: meg gleason
    Minted.com Designer Name: Moglea
    website: moglea studio (should be finished in the next couple weeks)
    First Challenge: Joyful Celebration Challenge

    Hmmm...where to start? I graduated with my BFA in G.D from Iowa State University. My husband and I decided to farm with his family a year ago, so we live in a small Iowa town surrounded by beautiful farmland. We feel blessed. When I'm not freelancing, I'm in the process of getting my letterpress studio off the ground. I'm definitely a huge fan of the complete design process. I'm loving having a hand in my designs from concept to printed product. Hooray!

    I'm new to minted, but have really enjoyed getting submersed into this wonderful online community. There are many talented creative people here, and I'm so sad that I can't meet up face to face with you. Because I work from home by myself, Minted designers feel like my encouraging co-workers. I'm excited to get more plugged in. (I just discovered this forum today!)
  • real name: Andres Montano
    twitter: popotesf
    blog: soundslikeyouandme.blogspot.com
    first challenge: Save The Date Card Challenge (woah just realized that was Minteds very first challenge)

    Background is in bookmaking and printmaking but graphic design is what I love. I'm obsessed with music and design and strongly believe those, along with my wife Junia (juniaisabel.blogspot.com), are life's key to happiness. I'm excited to be a part of Minted and love what we do and what we stand for. I love Minted challenges because they allow me to try new design ideas and concepts without investing too much time. Some designs I loved have scored horribly and some designs I wanted to take down immediately have scored well. It's an interesting game to play and I love being a part of it.
  • Andres-
    Congratulations on your new marriage! How exciting!
  • real name: Natalie
    screen name: modernsugar
    minted.com designer name: Modern Sugar
    blog or website: modernsugar.com
    first challenge: make a wish

    Hi everyone! I'm a newbie and just found my way to the forum. As I've read before, it is certainly addictive! I work at home and typically take on way too many projects at once but this one, I couldn't pass up. I've been toying with starting a small stationery website...I was doing some research on site designs when I came across minted and their design challenges and here I am. Thanks for all the great information!
  • real name: Jill
    screenname: jillmeans
    minted.com designer name: Legacy Design
    website: www.celebrateyourlegacy.com
    first challenge: Holiday Spectacular

    I am a mother of five children and freelance graphic designer. I have some corporate clients, but I recently started my own business designing "family" type products. I was already doing things for my own family and friends, so I just expanded it a bit. Throwing my hat into the minted ring. I love any feedback. I haven't had real design critiquing in a long time... my husband gives me pretty good feedback, but sometimes my clients don't have a clue about what actually looks good.
  • real name: Kim
    minted.com designer name: Kim Morgan
    First Challenge: Holiday Card Design Spectacular

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a little while and decided to jump in and enter my first contest. I have designed for scrapbook magazines for the last ten years or so, but have no formal design training and am just learning to use Illustator. Obviously I am a beginner, but I'm having fun learning and appreciate any tips you can give me.
  • Hey Everyone,

    Just wanted to let you all know that Kim (above) is my sister. Twin sister, actually. Whom, BTW, I adore ;) I'm so excited that I was able to con her into purchasing and learning Illustrator so she could join me in designing stationery :) Woo Hoo!
  • real name: Lizelly
    screen name: LizzyB Loves
    minted.com designer name: LizzyB Loves
    blog: blog.lizzybloves.com
    website: lizzybloves.com
    First Challenge: 2010 Holiday Card Spectacular

    Hi All. I've been a huge minted fan for some time now, but recently found out about the Design Challanges and I decided to jump in.

    I'm a graphic designer by trade, but mostly now design and build out websites to earn a living (I'm actually typing all this while on my break from reading so much code; left-brained creative person). I've been a crafter since I was a kid, always creating my own greeting cards, gift wrapping, and decor, but my love for paper ephemera started while in Design School. Ever since (about three years ago), I've been working on my own projects and invitation design which you can view on my website. I'm self-employed and can happily say I have the liberty of picking up my laptop, heading to my local coffee shop, and working while listening to my favorite music...now that's enjoying what you do!

    I look forward to meeting many new designers and creators...nice to meet you all!! :)
  • real name: heather
    screen name: heather manor
    minted.com designer name: heather manor
    website: oh, how lovely
    blog: working on this over the next few days...will be heathermanorswoons.typepad.com
    first challenge: 2010 holiday card spectacular

    hello ya'll! brand-spanking new here :) just entered my first 2 designs this morning after a whole lotta hemming + hawing. i am just so in awe of all the great designs. a little about me: i owned and designed a photo card company for almost 5 yrs and just recently walked away from it, leaving it in the hands of a wonderful new owner with some seriously awesome designers. now, i design for another photo card company and i founded a new company that just debuted at the nss under a bigger brand. pretty sure i am loving my life right now! i live in the south with my charming husband and 2 adorable kids. i am a trained nurse, but i would rather spend my days making pretty things + my kids laugh. i also adore cake.
  • I remember you Heather! From Peapod right? We spoke a long time ago when you were looking for a little help designing but at the time I didnt have all the right software I needed so I couldnt join on with you. So you're not there anymore? Sounds like you've been staying busy. Glad to see you found this place.
  • real name: Mariah DeMarco
    screen name: Mariah
    minted.com designer name: Mariah DeMarco
    blog/website: nearly done being re-designed, mariahdemarco.com
    email: design@mariahdemarco.com
    1st Challenge - 2010 Holiday card spectacular

    My twitter bio sums it up as far as design:

    "Licensed artist, ambitious childrens book illustrator {ambitious: Intending to satisfy high aspirations.} stationery designer + typography lover ?"

    I also love being a wife to my dear husband (nearly 12 years married!) and a mom to our son (he'll be 10 this year!)

    One of my favorite things to do is design custom type for projects. Can't wait to sharpen my design skills by participating here! There are some phenomenal designers who leave me in awe and draw out the best in me as well. The sense of community & interaction with the minted staff is pretty awesome too, what a great thing! I can't wait for the next challenge!
  • real name: Pranshu kumar chaudhary
    screen name: wittywit
    minted.com designer name: Pranshu kumar
    blog/website: hubpages ............ and my website ............ and my art work
    email: pkch101@gmail.com
    1st Challenge - 2010 Holiday card spectacular

    I am 19 year old boy ......... i love designing cause i think i am good at it , if not the best.............. SO HERE I AM THIS IS ME
    I got my photoshop six months back so i started to use it then my friend had illustrator so is used it too..... later as the time passed on i became addicted to them and so just to create something witty i am here at minted and also at deviantart ...................................... my journey so far has been good , ya, maybe some you have had a better one but for me i am happy with what i have achieved till date and so would like to increase my happiness by achieving some more.............................. I love to be at home with my family ....... i love my parrots "laddu" and "guddu"
  • real name: Lisa
    screen name: Lisa Samartino
    minted.com designer name: Lisa Samartino
    blog/website: lisasamartino@yahoo.com

    I am a Senior Creative Lead at a Fortune 500 company and also own Lisa Samartino Atelier, which is my namesake design studio. In 2007, I started designing children’s clothing and selling on etsy. It evolved into stationery, for that is what I love to do most.

    I have 2 boys that I adore, Giovanni and Valentino. They like to hang out and help me when I am packing orders up...

    I was shopping for invitations one day and came across the Design Challenge. I thought I would give it a try and was thrilled to win 2 awards for the Love at First Serif Design Challenge.

    My mom was so proud of me and it was one of the last things we talked about before she passed away suddenly this year. With that said, I have to pick and choose which ones I will submit designs for in the future since it takes quality time from the family, as my husband reminds me when I am staring at my Mac all night!

    But it is really fun to challenge yourself and the minted community is fabulous.
  • Lisa- So sorry to read about your mom's sudden passing. Best to you and your family, sounds like you have your priorities straight.
  • hello everyone!
    real name: Rachael
    screen name: tinyrach
    minted.com designer name: Rachael Schafer
    blog/website: tinyporchlight.com
    email: rachael@tinyporchlight.com
    first challenge: 2010 Holiday Card

    Hello everyone,
    I'm so glad to have found Minted! I'm a designer with 12 years of experience working within the creative services departments of large companies, and about 6 years of experience at the freelance level. I recently took nearly two years to work on my most exciting design project ever: my two year old daughter Lili Bean. Now, I'm dipping back into contract design work and relaunching my career.

    Minted is a great place and I'm looking forward to being part of the community here.
  • Hi everyone - a little late to the game, but while I'm waiting for some files to upload I figured I would indulge my addiction :)

    real name: Hailey Myziuk
    forum name: Hello Hailey
    minted designer name: Hello Hailey
    website: www.hellohailey.com
    blog: www.artismakingthings.com
    email: haileymyziuk@gmail.com
    first challenge: The Breakout Wedding Challenge

    I will admit I got confused on how to join the forums... so up until today I've just been a quiet reader, ha. But I have to say, it has been so wonderful to discover the Minted community - to have access to such a wealth of inspiration, great constructive feedback, and just positive energy. I am smitten with you all :)

    I grew up in Michigan and went to school at Central Michigan U where I got my BFA in graphic design. After working a few years in Metro Detroit, I decided to pick up and move to Brooklyn with my beau and our cat Mucha (named after the great Alphonse Mucha!!). It was hard to leave such a great job with such wonderful people - but fortunately, I have been able to continue working with them as a freelance designer! So now that I'm in the big city, I'm focusing on freelancing full-time, and soaking up all of the creative energy Brooklyn has to offer!
  • real name: Katie Wahn
    forum name: katiewahn
    minted designer name: Katie Wahn
    website: http://wahndesign.com/
    email: katie@wahndesign.com
    first challenge: 2010 Holiday Challenge

    I started out in Fine Arts and got my BFA from the University of Delaware. I later attended Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia where I received my post baccalaureate in graphic design. After working for the man for a number of years, I have been trying freelancing out for about six months and have been so thrilled to find minted! Freelancing can be so isolating and this has been a great outlet and community to begin to be a part of. So excited to continue meeting more people and seeing such great work from so many talented designers.
  • real name: Brandy Brown

    minted.com designer name: Marabou Design



    Minted storefront

    About me: My family & I live in Seattle, WA. We love the Pacific Northwest! My husband is a sustainable product designer. We have one daughter, her name is Ava. She just turned 3 last week! My design creed is "little people & clean design go hand & hand". I would describe my aesthetic as modern, playful & feminine. I love good design, mini cupcakes, nature & traveling.

  • real name: jessica yeo minted designer name: nocciola design blog: http://www.noccioladesign.com

  • sorry - i hit tab or something and posted too soon! real name: jessica yeo minted designer name: nocciola design. blog: http://noccioladesign.com/blog first challenge: happy happy birthday about: i live in dc with my husband and infant son :) i work for the government (like every second person in dc!) as a front end web developer/designer. i love minted! so many great and inspiring designers :) quickly discovering the many differences between web and print!

  • real name: alaina cherup
    minted designer name: cheer up cherup
    blog: cheerupcherup.blogspot.com
    etsy: cheerupcherup.etsy.com
    First design challenge: the very first save the date challenge
    about: I've been on minted ever since the beginning, and I poke my head in every now and then when I have some free time away from my 9-5 and Etsy. I like Justin Bieber, sarcasm and cake batter ice cream.
  • real name: Erin Hodges
    screen name: Erin@Please Reply
    minted.com designer name: Please Reply Designs
    blog or website: www.pleasereplydesigns.com
    etsy site: reply event's etsy shop
    First Challenge: 2010 Holiday Spectacular Challenge

    About me: I have a very creative family, and I have always searched for my creative outlet. I have always loved planning parties and all things paper, so last May I decided I would embark on a new adventure and start my own stationery and invitation company. Since the birth of Please Reply Designs, the company has evolved and grown...along with its owner! I have a full-time job that is pretty demanding, but I find solace in coming home and designing. I have a wonderful husband who constantly encourages me, but not kids...yet! I have only been a part of Minted for a very short time, but I have already grown so much. This is a very unique community, and I am excited for what the future holds for me here.
  • real name: Candice
    screen name: candiceleigh
    minted.com designer name: Candice Leigh
    blog or website: candiceleigh.com (are you noticing a trend here?)
    First Challenge: Baby! Baby! Design Challenge

    About me: I have been a freelance designer for the past two years, creating my first (ever!) piece of stationery design for the Baby! Baby! Design Challenge. I found the Minted site by accident and decided to give stationery a try. I got my bachelor's in Studio Art and Art History at Mount Holyoke College in Mass but of course I had no idea what to do with my degree once I was finished. On a whim, I took a few courses in design at BU and I was hooked. After trying just about every medium from screen printing to painting, digital art just feels right. I'm still getting my feet wet in design, working as a makeup artist by day and a designer by night, and living in a whole new city (Seattle!) It's tough being in a new city without any design friends so it's always helpful to connect with my fellow Minties. I very much look forward to participating the in Minted design challenges when I have a spare moment or two and I love your feedback (especially with regards to typography because I definitely lack confidence there!) It's so nice to meet all of you :o)
  • real name: Laura Unverferth
    screen name: lauraunverferth
    minted.com designer name: Laura Unverferth
    design blog: ruffle // www.gatheredinspiration.com
    baby blog: little frills // www.littlefrills.tumblr.com
    First Challenge: Modern Baby Shower Challenge

    about me: I’m a twenty seven year old designer and proud mother of one amazing little boy, Jaxon. I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. I currently work at a promotional design agency, where I design for Martini® and Grey Goose®. I’m obsessed with typography, blogs (and blogging) and cranberry juice. I like to collect old cameras and sew. I am a paper lover. I letterpress in my free time. I enjoy finding new things and visiting new places and restaurants with my fiancé, Thomas. We are planning our wedding, which will be in August next year! I have a feeling I won't be able to make a decision when I design my invites...lol. I would really like to open my own shop and be a stay at home mom, hopefully soon!
  • real name: Lauren Chism
    screen name: lettersbylauren
    minted.com designer name: Letters by Lauren
    design blog: www.lettersbylauren.com
    First Challenge: The Joyful Celebration Design Challenge (did we figure out how to delete those designs we'd like to forget?)

    about me: Well, first and foremost, I am addicted to minted. I think that's implied though. Between challenges, I am wife to a very supportive husband and live in Dallas with him and my dog, who I still call a puppy, even though she is 6. Letters by Lauren is my baby (the only baby I'll be having for awhile - seriously I don't know how some of you do it) and I'm working on finding my way in the stationery design world, while trying to soak up as much information as I possibly can.
    I'm currently trying to be brave enough to refer to myself as a 'designer' to someone other than my husband.
    Oh and I am an accountant. It's random - I know.
  • Hello everyone! This is my first post here on the forum, as I am a newbie around these parts. I live in Washington, DC but originally hail from the beautiful Jersey Shore (no it's not like the show!) I just launched my website www.kathleenburlew.com this past January, which I work on part-time, as I still work full time as a graphic designer for a trade association. Aside from my obsession with all paper treasures, I am a passionate NY Giants fan, Bruce Springsteen fan, animal lover, wanna-be runner, and dedicated daughter, sister, aunt, and girlfriend :) I have become obsessed with all your work and creative talent over the past few months, and look forward to getting to know you all better. Cheers!
  • real name: Megan Gilligan

    screen name: inkblotpaper

    minted.com designer name: Inkblot Paper

    website: Inkblot Website

    blog: Inkblot Blog

    First Challenge: 2010 Holiday Card Spectacular

    My Public Profile: Inkblot Paper Designs strives to charm & impress family, friends & strangers too with whimsical & stylish designs. With a BA in Studio Art (painting to be specific) & background in catering & event planning, I love all things events, from the design to the wine! Secretly (well not so much anymore), I would also love (and feel I possess the skills) to be a stylist, pastry chef, florist & dental technician. But, who has the time? Instead I’m based out of Omaha, NE creating lovely designs for people all across the country.

    A bit more info: As it says above, I have a background in catering/event planning…but actually it is not really behind me yet. I have a full time dir. of catering position at a hotel, so in the time I can get away from my ‘real job’ I design over my lunch hour, when I get home from work and into the wee hours of the morning.  Eventually, I will take this design gig full time, when my husband (love him) finishes his Masters and finds a ‘real job’ of his own. I truly love design and from everything I’ve seen, love minted as well. In the few months I’ve been submitting, I challenge myself to make sure my designs meet the high standards of the minted design community. Now I will just cross my fingers that maybe, just maybe, one of my designs is up to snuff and will make it onto minted for sale...someday (it happened with the Save the Date Challenge!). Thanks for welcoming me to the community!

  • Hi!

    real name: Emily Johnson
    minted designer name: Tickled Ink
    website: www.tickleyourpaper.com
    etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/TickledInkDesigns (although I have stopped using this for a while)
    First design challenge: Wedding Breakout Challenge (I think that was the name of it- in 2009)
    I am new to Minted but entered a couple of contests in the Spring- the Wedding and the Baby announcement challenges, and then I put some designs on there at the last minute for this Wedding challenge. There are so many talented designers in the Minted community! I took a break from the contests because life got busy, but I always enjoy coming back to it when I have time, and it is a great creative outlet. I also enjoy hearing comments or suggestions from the other designers, as I work from home and appreciate any constructive criticism (my dog Elvis and husband are my biggest fans, but I don't trust their design opinion). I went to the Portfolio Center in Atlanta (after graduating from UTC with a BA in Creative Writing) and then finished my portfolio at the Media Design School in New Zealand. I started an invitation/stationery company, in late 2009 after working in the corporate world as a graphic designer for six (seemed longer) years. I sold my car to help with the start up costs, and am still slowly learning and always humbled & inspired by the great designers out there! Last year I took a letterpress class, which was fun (I absolutely LOVE letterpress) and am now looking into purchasing a machine soon. I have not won a contest yet, but really am just here to improve and maybe one day I will be lucky enough to be Minted. I am happy to be here!