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  • What other creative outlets do you all have outside of Minted? I build miniatures. I like working with my hands and making something small to scale of its real size counterpart. A plus is that they don't take up a lot of room. I've also built real furniture like a four poster bed and have reupholstered a couple of chairs and a sofa. I find it a nice break to step away from the computer. How about you guys?
  • What a great topic! I find that most creative people have a million hobbies. I'm renovating our 1925 Tudor. It's never ending! I also love calligraphy.
  • Photography is my side hobby.  Mostly my kids, but I just did my first maternity shoot which was fun!

  • Sara I just did my first maternity shoot as well. It was for a friend which was really lovely.

    I also love food photography and I guess that goes hand in hand with cooking (and eating).

  • This IS a great topic! I am trying to get involved with some of my old favorite hobbies again that I've let go over the past few years--mostly playing the piano again. We're also renovating our house! It's our first home and quite a fixer-upper. It's a huge job and definitely does feel never-ending, but definitely involves me creative side, which I love.

  • Corinne, I have the highlights up on my blog if you want to check them out http://saraheilwagendesigns.blogspot.com/.  I ended up sending the couple 96 edited photos!  They had multiple outfits and props that made it so easy.  I love the tin cans tied together with a ribbon.  I'll have to make one to keep if I ever do another maternity shoot!

  • Since I am recently unemployed I am trying to focus as much of my time on pursuing my dream of becoming a childrens book illustrator. Hopefully something will become of it and me. lol I love it here, great topic!

  • Oh Brooke, that does sound like a dream job. :) I hope you achieve your goals.

    Anyone else here a foodie? We moved into a house last fall, and I've been using my newfound garden exclusively to grow vegetables, fruits and berries.

  • Brooke, that sounds wonderful! Best of luck!

    Elina, I grew up helping my parents take care of a very large garden! Now that I have my own home, I'd really like to start a small garden of our own, but haven't quite gotten there yet. Have a few potted vegetables this year.

  • Sara - great photos. Love the tin cans. Such a cute idea.

    Good luck with your book illustration dream Brooke.

    Elina & bitsy - I so wish I had a green thumb. I grow some herbs but anything more than that and I don't seem to have too much success !