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  • Any chance Minted would consider emailing the Designers after all the Holiday pre-request emails have been sent, so we know that it's been done (good or bad)?

    I know I would like that!!!  Of course, I'd rather be one of the lucky ones getting the pre-request email...


  • I would like that too.  I get the whole surprise thing they do, but the feeling that the chosen designs know and the non-chosen designers are in the dark feels a little eh.  There's still the surprise of seeing your score and who actually won.

  • Where is the like button?  I agree with both Kim & Sara.

  • I'm with you ladies!! great idea Kim!

  • I would love to know too, good or bad. I really don't like the feeling of waiting and disappointment after that.
  • I concur!
  • Agree! Would love to know - good or bad - and when to stop waiting :).

  • Why not send out the winners email privately to all participating designers like usual and then just not post it on the "Winners" page until the holiday release so the consumers still don't know.  Since they're hidden until the launch announcement, we still don't know who the scoring winners are, just whether a design was chosen or not.

  • ooooooo....not only are minties fantastic designers but we're super smart too!!! :o) love these ideas!!!!

  • I agree with you all ... I would rather know if my designs made it or not ... waiting is very distracting. It's hard to concentrate on the current challenge when the last one is still hanging over our heads.
  • Hi designers, the team is still working on going through holiday designs and will be adding more in rounds. So keep looking for those file requests! Because of the importance of the challenge and the number of submissions, it's hard to say when they'll be done, but we will keep you posted as the timeline changes. It's completely understandable that you would want to know as soon as possible! Thanks for your patience!

  • Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the update! Does this include Business Holiday too?

  • ditto - thanks for the update Jen!!

  • Sure! We've already sent out all file requests for business holiday. And we'll actually be announcing winners for those soon!

  • thanks jen! waiting for the result..
  • Thank you for all the updates, Jen!

  • Thank you very much!

  • Hi everyone!

    Jen, just checking in on this... are holiday selections all done or still in process?

    Thanks :)

  • As of this afternoon, the team has just finished going through designs for the holiday photo and Christmas categories! They're actually still going through the submissions to add designs to our various other categories though like New Year's, non-photo, etc. I know everyone is anxious to get final results, but the team is working really hard to get  through all the designs and to be as inclusive as possible! I'll keep everyone updated just as soon as I get any more information.

  • Off topic, but can we expect results from the last art challenge soon?

  • Thanks Jen! So nice to know!

  • Thanks for the update, Jen - really appreciate it!  You've been doing a tremendous job "holding down the fort" this summer - thanks for all your hard work.

  • Thanks so much Jen, for keeping us updated :)

  • Thanks, Kim! That's really great to hear and means a lot to me :)

    As for the most recent art challenge, the team is pretty busy with holiday picks, so the timeline has stretched a little. We're hoping to announce art winners in the next few weeks.

  • Thank you, Jen! I agree with everyone... you have done a wonderful job and we appreciate all the hard work!

  • So, Jen, have all the designers who received picks for Joy to the World been notified, then, or are there still file requests coming?

  • File requests are still coming for those additional categories like New Year's and non-photo. I'll keep you updated as the timeline becomes clearer!

  • Hey Jen,

    I saw that holiday winners are being announced soon (maybe this week!). Does this include the New Years Card Challenge and the Holiday Parties Challenge? If so, have the file requests been sent out for those challenges too?



  • Hi Monica, the winners being announced this week are only for the Joy to the World Holiday Challenge. We haven't sent out file requests for those other challenges yet, but we will begin sending out early Editor's Pick file requests for holiday parties very soon to make sure that Halloween and Thanksgiving designs launch on time.

  • Thanks Jen! This is my first holiday season as a Mintie so thanks for your patience with my questions :).