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  • hi Minties-

    Any idea what bad voting behavior is? Minted mentioned this in their announcement today that round 2 voting is open...


  • Hi Monica! I think what Minted is referring to is if they see someone is giving most of the designs a 1 and giving theirs a 5. Something like that where they are clearly not voting fairly, but trying to bolster their designs at the expense of others. I think! : )

  • Thanks for the clarification Jen! That makes sense. For a second there it occurred to me that voting for yourself might be perceived as bad voting behavior.


  • Just wanted to add that I think if a voter only gives 5s to one person, then doesn't vote for anyone else at all, that might also be considered bad voting behavior. But voting for yourself is certainly not bad!

  • I'm not sure about that one Wondercloud because I know it was brought up with Minted before because if you had friends and family who just voted for you, you wouldn't want it to be a waste of their time if their votes were discounted anyway.

  • Maybe Minted could chime in and give us an idea of what they meant. I know there are some questions about votes counting from the same home computer and family members' votes...
  • This is an interesting topic! Hmmm...my husband has his own computer that he votes from, but sometimes he uses my laptop to vote. Now I'm wondering if it counts because it's from the same computer. Would definitely like to know more about all these voting issues. :)

  • In one of the last VoiceIt calls - I remember someone asking about whether or not it's worth it to have family/friends go vote on their designs - b/c they likely would only be voting on one designer's work - and so, would their votes be counted or dismissed as unusual voting behavior? It sounded like Mariam was trying to say, without giving too much away, that those votes could be considered unusual voting behavior and possibly discounted. So I think Olivia might have it right there - I would err on the side of caution and just encourage friends/family to vote for a few more designs - and rate them fairly to avoid discounted votes. I think Minted is going to remain a bit vague on all of this in order to make sure no one is able to game the system...