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  • Do any of you Minties use any shipping software like Endicia, Stamps.com or Paypal? I've been considering getting an account with one of these companies, but thought I would get some feedback from the community. Thanks in advance!

    Side Note: It was delightful to meet and see everybody who attended the NSS. Thanks for taking the time to stop by the booth. You were all soooo encouraging, and I really think everybody in the booth thought you guys were buyers or bloggers...which I didn't mind. :) I feel so lucky to be apart of this community and to have gained such amazing friends and colleagues through Minted. So, thank you!

  • Meg, it was so great meeting you! Your work is even more beautiful in person!

    I just started shipping directly through Paypal for USPS packages, primarily because If a customer pays through PP, their info. is dropped right into the label and there's no second-guessing on my part. You get the same (although small) discount you would get if you use an online USPS account. I haven't used the other services, but would be eager to hear about other Minties' experiences.

  • Hey Meg,

    I use a combination of Endicia and Paypal.

    I ship most of the orders (anything less than 13 ounces) in my etsy shop via first class mail, and for those, I use Endicia's Printable Postage program. It's a free service - you only have to pay for the cost of postage and the cost of the labels. For smaller orders, it's perfect because it's inexpensive. The only drawback is that the postage doesn't come with tracking.

    For larger orders (anything over 13 ounces), I use PayPal shipping in combination with flat rate priority mail options. You can fit a LOT of cards in a padded flat rate envelope, which you can order from the post office for free. The flat rate envelopes ship for about $5 with PP shipping, and it comes with tracking. For even larger orders, I use the medium flat rate boxes, which ship for about $10 with PP shipping, including tracking.

    Hope that helps! Best of luck in your shipping endeavors :)

    Leslie Ann

  • Leslie Ann, that indicia printable postage program is fantastic! I didn't know about it until you posted this. Great info.

  • Great question, Meg! I use Endicia (the paid monthly service) to ship all of my orders. I used to think that is was a waste of a monthly fee as long as I could use Paypal, but I've grown to love Endicia so much more. It is super easy to format addresses, print labels, and check the status of packages without having to go to multiple websites. (In fact, I don't even need to go to a website since Endicia is an application you open on your computer.) However, the biggest bonus for me is that I can print custom forms for international orders right from my computer without having to go to the post office, which saves me a lot of valuable time. You also get Endicia's commercial discount for postage, which makes it cheaper than what you pay at the post office.

    Just my two cents. Hope it helps!


  • Thanks for taking the time to provide your experiences with shipping. Your responses are really helpful!

  • Kimberly, if you don't mind  my asking, which level of Endicia service are you paying for?

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    This is what I was looking for. Thank you once again.