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  • I know we've had the laptop discussion before and I may have started one.  I've put it off since my desktop isn't dead, but I saw one on sale today at Staples with a huge screen at a good price http://www.staples.com/Dell-Inspiron-i17RN-5295BK-173-Laptop/product_423971.  My main concern/question is how much RAM/Hard Drive space is going to effectively run at least PSD and AI at the same time along with Chrome and what ever else I'm doing.  I know my desktop is lacking so I'd like to hear what people think does work.

  • I have a Dell Inspiron that I use for most of my design work -- it's got a 15" screen, I think, but my last one was a 17" one. Made it heavier, but it was nice. Anyway, my Inspiron has the same amount of RAM and a slower processor (the i3, not the i5) that the one you linked to, and it runs AI, PS, Firefox (browser), Word, Excel, and Outlook simultaneously all the time with no problem.