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  • Does anyone know a great source for paper if I want to try some of my own printing techniques at home?  I'm especially looking for a luxuriously thick quality paper in size A6 flat and folded cards.  It would be a huge plus if the paper was recycled or from an alternative source (bamboo, for example).

    I'm also curious about the price range in general for papers and good sources to get supplies.  For most of my work all I need to worry about is the digital side, which makes me a bit new to the whole printing and production process, so any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!

  • Hi Kristin,

    I know you can purchase bamboo paper from Legion Paper..but I'm never used it. I occasionally purchase from Glodan (they have a nice selection of paper mill stock) or Holyoke, a cotton rag stock. (They actually carry "wedding packs" where they sell you envelopes and paper cut to size at one price.) I don't know what sort of cutter you have, but almost every paper company will cut paper to size for you if you pay a fee. Best of luck with your new printing adventure! -m

  • Meg,

    Thanks for those suggestions! I am always looking for really nice paper as well and its almost impossible to find in stores. Definitely going to try Holyoke.



  • Thanks for the tips Moglea, I really appreciate your help!