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  • Hi Minties!

    I recently got a Wacom tablet but haven't tried it out yet (was hoping to this weekend!) - then earlier today I was in a meeting with an architect and she was sketching on her ipad with a stylus and just with her finger. She downloaded an app for about $10 called Sketchbook and she said she absolutely loves it, can still work in layers, etc. I've read some really positive Wacom tablet reviews by Minties but now wondering if the ipad is the way to go.

    I guess I am just looking for another tool with more flexibility than the mouse for illustrations and lettering. I'd love to hear what other Minties think of these two products.

    Thanks :)



  • I have a little 4x5 Wacom Graphire 4 that I used for photomanipulation and digital painting, and I have to say that I love it! I can't imagine that an iPad is good for anything other than sketching, etc, because actual graphics tablets are designs to mimic drawing in real life. You'll get the sensitivity and pressure more easily and naturally using a wacom/drawing tablet as opposed to an iPad, at least right now. While the iPad might be amazing and revolutionary and all that, it's not specifically designed for drawing on the computer, like a Wacom tablet is.

    I guess it just depends on what you want to draw/sketch. If you want to do serious painting/drawing, I'd say go for the Wacom. If you just want something portable for light sketching, I'd go for the iPad. The architect might like the iPad for quick sketches, but I bet she still uses at a tablet for the heavy lifting. :)

    Keep in mind a wacom might be cheaper, too, depending on the size that you get!

  • I have a Wacom Bamboo which I think runs about $100 and gets the job done.  I got it for Christmas, but I think that's about what they cost.  So like Lauren said, much cheaper than an iPad.

  • Thank you so much for the feedback on this... very helpful!! :)

  • I have a Wacom Bamboo that I got from Costco.com for about $90. It works great and though I might consider upgrading to an Intuos in the future, my little Bamboo is performing like a champ!
  • I have a Wacom Intuos4 and I love it... I think the advantage there is that with a tablet you can draw directly into your computer and within your design programs. Not sure if you can do that with an ipad?