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  • I have a bride who is looking to have some sort of a Celtic design incorporated into a circular monogram/motif for her wedding invitations. I have searched everywhere online and even went to the bookstore to try and find something to work from and have come up with nothing!! I have spent way too many hours trying to come up with something on my own and am getting no where (it does not seem like it would be that difficult but somehow, I just can not wrap my mind around it.. I am not the type of person to give up but I am beyond frustrated at this point : ( I am hoping that someone in the amazing group of talented designers might have some experience creating this sort of thing or may have any suggestions for where I can find help with this? I would love to be able to just find something to purchase to incoporate into it and be done.. the idea is to have an initial in the center of a circular celtic motif. The tricky part for me has been finding something to work within a border (meaning, she does not want the design to stand alone, she wants it knocked out of a ring shape) Hard to explain.. Any help would be so incredibly appreciated : )

    thanks, kerri

  • Hi Kerri,

    Have you tried Dover Publications?  They have a ton of celtic designs for purchase.


    Good luck!


  • The most recognizable symbols are going to be the claddagh, love knots and the thistle. I have a ton of illustrations I was working on for one of the last wedding invitation challenges actually. I had just run out of time to finish the design layouts. I'd be more than happy to help you with it or send you some of the samples I have to see if they work. :)

  • Thank you Allison. Yes, Dover was the first thing I thought of and honestly searched through every possible one.. the quality is really terrible and nothing that I could really work with : (

  • Google Celtic custom shapes for Photoshop.  I can't get on my computer right now, but I think I have a set.

  • Hi Kerri,

    I have come across this very dilemma! I had a bride, a family member, request the claddagh as her wedding symbol since the groom was from Ireland. Try as I might with drawing and stock illustrations, I just couldn't get the right feel for the invitations. The couple are fairly plain and simple in their tastes and this was a bit complicated and felt old-fashioned. So I drew on the words that are derived from the claddagh instead: friendship, love, loyalty. The words became the theme for the invitation and the wedding, and each table at the reception had either a loyalty them, a love theme, or friendship theme. It played out really well. Good luck!

  • You could Google "Book of Kells" for some nice images to work with.