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  • Fellow Minted peeps, I am so beyond excited to share my good news: the font that I've spent the past six months and countless hours designing is finally available to the public!

    I feel like it wouldn't be right to include a link here, but it's called "KatieRose", is available on MyFonts, and is at a sweet discount right now.

    It's a great typeface for anyone looking to add personalizeable information on their designs in a pretty and casual script.

  • It's gorgeous. What an accomplishment. Congrats!!!

  • Wow! I'm impressed. I can't even imagine the amount of work that goes into that. Congrats!

  • Beautiful. I'm with Wondercloud, I wouldn't know where to begin. . .

  • Beautiful, Laura!  Congratulations.

  • Beautiful!! I will add that to my list to purchase!

  • Congrats! That really is a gorgeous font!!

  • purchased. :) congrats and it is so very lovely!

  • Omg, it's so elegant and lovely ! Perfect for wedding invites. I'm Gonna definitely  buy it when I can :) Congratulations on such a great accomplishment !

  • Beautiful Job Laura! I have always loved your work! You actually did my wedding envelopes back for my Wedding in Nov 2010!

  • Holy Crap! I had NO idea that font was yours! I pinned it last week and it's lined up for my next blog font spotlight :)

    Congrats! I'll be buying it soon!

  • Awesome work, Laura!!

  • Thank you SO much, everyone! Honestly, I had Minted designers in mind when making this font- I really did. Now, if only I can convince Minted and MyFonts/Veer to team up and offer a special Minted discount- we deserve it for the loads of business we send their way, right?! Wouldn't that be awesome?

    P.S. to C from Stella Bella: I thought that might be you!! Always a big fan of your invitation work.

  • ohh that's so awesome!!! CONGRATSS..  It's one of my future dreams to make a font.. If you don't mind, may I ask how did you do it? Shoot me an email whenever you have time!.. at chocoyugi@gmail.com

  • wow, laura! that's beautiful! i just bought it! congratulations on that HUGE accomplishment!

  • Bought it. Really nice job!


  • Beautiful!!!

  • beautiful - what a great accomplishment :)

  • WOW. That's mindblowing/lovely. Congratulations, Laura!

  • Love the idea of a mintie discount.. I always am curious how people create them maybe you could share your process with us..

  • Congrats, Laura! Awesome job! :)

  • Gorgeous, Laura!  I'm definitely buying it.

  • wow - I can't imagine the work that went into that - really beautiful! Congrats - such an awesome accomplishment!

  • Love your font! I want it on the Minted font list!

  • LOVE it! Congrats Laura. I'm can't wait to buy it!

  • It looks great, Laura! Beautiful!

  • Beautiful, Laura - Congrats!!!

  • Beautiful! I am definitely going to purchase it once I get my laptop back from repair!


    Question for everyone-

    When you purchase fonts and have the choice between OTF or TT, which do you choose?

    I don't get to buy fun awesome fonts very often with my job so what we have is what we have.

  • Hi Rachel,

    The way I understand it, always purchase OTF [open type] which are Mac and PC compatible, whenever you have the option. They are usually better-crafted and are supported by many print devices. TTF [true type] fonts often have limited features [no glyphs, or caps, etc.] and often conflict with a printer's RIP software - if you send your files out to a printer and they print from your native files this can be a big problem. TTF fonts can be outlined and used for non-editable copy, though, which is good because there are a lot of cool ones out there! I guess you could outline the font and create a PDF for the printer to print from if you really wanted to use a certain font. Hope this helps.

  • It means so much to me to get good feedback from designers I admire so much! I am glowing! :)

  • What an achievement Laura, well done! Such a lovely font.

  • Great job Laura!!  It's very elegant and pretty...  Minted should def add this to the list!  :-)

  • Laura - as a traditional calligrapher I can imagine how much work you had to put in to that beautiful font. It's simple elegance and readability will make it a joy to use in our designs! Congrats to you!

  • What a beautiful font, and what an accomplishment!  Congrats!

  • Laura,

    You are the designer of KatieRose ! I pinned & bought it as soon as I saw it ! Congrats !!! What I really like about it is the both legibility in large and small sizes !

    Well I hope you will soon release some more !


  • Laura,

    You are the designer of KatieRose ! I pinned & bought it as soon as I saw it ! Congrats !!! What I really like about it is the both legibility in large and small sizes !

    Well I hope you will soon release some more !


  • Way to go, Laura! You deserve a big pat on the back. It's lovely and you should feel so proud!