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Tags: holiday photo cards, sharing, wonderful, memories

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Bao Do
  • Minted Apr 5, 2012
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About the Design

comments from Bao:

"Remember Us" was used as the title to emphasize the wonderful memories shared between family, relatives, and friends. The photos can be anything that remind someone of the good time that they share together. It is not restricted to just children photo, which was used in this design only as a place holder. The card layout allowed for a maximum of 9 photos to be added in the designated rectangular frames. Designated photo slot can also be combine for more interesting looks or to accommodate vertical and horizontal layout of the photo if necessary.


holiday photo cards, sharing, wonderful, memories

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Letter Gothic std, medium

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Multi-Photo Holiday Card

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Jun 16 2013

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Jun 16 2013

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holiday photo cards - RememberUS by Bao Do


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