greeting cards - your cake awaits

Tags: greeting cards, tea birthday card alicia abla kids cottage forest cup

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Alicia Abla
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About the Design

comments from Alicia:

A cozy cottage with a door ajar to welcome the birthday recipient. Inside a table with a slice of cake and candle. The recipient can finish setting up the table with the sticker tea set. Suited for any age.

card copy (front):

your cake awaits

card copy (inside):


greeting cards, tea birthday card alicia abla kids cottage forest cup

colors shown:

coral green yellow

design inspired by:

Bi-Fold Non-Foil-Pressed

submitted on:

Mar 15 2018

Edited on:

Mar 16 2018



New Formats Childrens Birthday Greeting Card Chall... - See designs critique this design

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greeting cards - your cake awaits by Alicia Abla

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Jennifer Holbrook
Jennifer Holbrook
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Great idea!

2 years agoreply
Oma N. Ramkhelawan
Oma N. Ramkhelawan
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4 months agoreply

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