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Tags: greeting card, school, craft, pun, funny, colorful, hand-drawn

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comments from Amy:

This colorful, neutral gender birthday card has a hand-drawn illustration and a simple birthday pun.

card copy (front):

What did the paper, glue and crayon say to the paintbrush on his birthday?

card copy (inside):



greeting card, school, craft, pun, funny, colorful, hand-drawn

colors shown:

teal, red, white, gray, black, orange


Adorn Condensed Sans

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Mar 02 2018

Edited on:

Mar 12 2018


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greeting card - Too Punny by Moxie


Mariecor Agravante on Mar 15, 2018 at 11:53am
Mariecor Agravante
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Oh, I get it now -- "Supplies!" = "Surprise!" -- hahaha :) That's so adorably clever and fun :)

Version 1 - submitted on Mar 02 2018 - no comments