greeting card - Drink to 30

Tags: greeting card, wine glass, liquor, alcohol

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comments from Eleanor:

Perfect birthday card for the sassy alcohol aficionado turning 30.

card copy (front):

Remember when 30 sounded old?

card copy (inside):

Have a drink, some things get better with age.


greeting card, wine glass, liquor, alcohol

colors shown:

black, red, gold



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Mar 02 2018

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Mar 02 2018


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greeting card - Drink to 30 by Eleanor


Kristen Niedzielski on Mar 6, 2018 at 8:10pm
Kristen Niedzielski
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Maybe you could just say, "Remember some things Just Get Better with Age. Happy B-Day." I am unsure of the drink part. Maybe I'm being silly though.

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