- Ho Ho Ho Santa

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Henri Martinez
  • Minted Feb 4, 2016
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comments from Henri:

Cute HoHoHo Santa with Feliz Navidad


, santa ho ho ho feliz navidad

colors shown:

blue red and white



design inspired by:

Non Foil-pressed Gift tissue

submitted on:

Feb 07 2018

Edited on:

Feb 08 2018


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Festive Holiday Fabric & Wrap Quickfire Challenge - See designs critique this design

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 - Ho Ho Ho Santa by Henri Martinez


Jennifer Warren on Feb 9, 2018 at 2:38pm
Jennifer Warren
  • Minted Jan 19, 2018
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I like the idea. I just think it needs a major nor tweek which is to removevthe white square boxes around each element of the pattern.

Version 1 - submitted on Feb 07 2018 - no comments