personal stationery - migrating birds

Tags: personal stationery, migrating birds, grey sky

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Deniz Ören
  • Minted Jan 12, 2010
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About the Design

comments from Deniz:

birds very simple ilustrated, all birds are in white except one, which is orange colored and represents the writing person, the grey background shows the passing time


personal stationery, migrating birds, grey sky

colors shown:

grey, warm orange white


helvetica; Chocolate Dulce

design inspired by:

Men's Stationery

submitted on:

Jan 20 2010

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final average score: 3.15
personal stationery - migrating birds by Deniz Ören

comments on Jan 25, 2010 at 7:51am
  • Minted Jan 18, 2010
  • 34 Comments made
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I think the color choice is great but the address is hard to read- though printing might be different.... A very peaceful design. I like how you made the label a simple 'hint' of what's inside.

Yasemin on Jan 28, 2010 at 2:28am

ooo, i love this one soo much