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Tags: valentine's day, Bulldozer, Dig, Dirt, Green

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Lisa Razza
  • Minted Nov 13, 2009
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About the Design

comments from Lisa:

This card is all boy, with one sweet red heart.


valentine's day, Bulldozer, Dig, Dirt, Green

colors shown:

Green, Brown, Gold

design inspired by:

Children's Greeting Card

submitted on:

Nov 16 2009



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valentine's day - I Dig You by Lisa Razza

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Joined 2009

too much brown --- good for a boy

10 years agoreply
Amanda Larsen Design
Amanda Larsen Design
Joined 2009 · 32 awards won

I love how you incorporated the small hearts into the dirt. I think this works very well for boys. Nice job!

10 years agoreply
Joined 2009

My grandson LOVES construction equipment. This is PERFECT for him !!!

10 years agoreply
Joined 2009

I think it's very good. The only way I'm thinking you might make it a little perkier but I don't want to lose the boyishness, would be to change the dotted border to red, perhaps?But I dig it, either way!

10 years agoreply