valentine's day - Busy Bee

Tags: valentine's day, bees, hearts, yellow, clouds

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Cassandra Wolfard
  • Minted Nov 16, 2009
  • 7 Comments made

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About the Design

comments from Cassandra:

A playful Valentine's Day card for children.


valentine's day, bees, hearts, yellow, clouds

colors shown:

pale yellow


N/A (Free Font Outlined)

design inspired by:

Children's Greeting Card

submitted on:

Nov 16 2009

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final average score: 2.77
valentine's day - Busy Bee by Cassandra Wolfard


connors creative on Nov 18, 2009 at 5:43am
connors creative
  • Minted Nov 24, 2008
  • 1 Award
  • 26 Comments made
  • 1785 Votes cast

clever use/placement of the heart!

Thistle and Lilly on Nov 19, 2009 at 3:37pm
Thistle and Lilly
  • Minted Nov 13, 2009
  • 9 Comments made
  • 7 Votes cast

Really cute! Somehow the dotted "fly line" of the bee distracts from the solid "Bee Mine" text...but I can see what you were going for. I agree with Lisa -- i like the way you did the heart.

Cassandra Wolfard on Nov 20, 2009 at 9:54am
Cassandra Wolfard
  • Minted Nov 16, 2009
  • 7 Comments made

Thanks Lisa and Amy. I can see what you're saying Amy, thanks for your feedback:)