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Kristen Cavallo
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About the Design

comments from Kristen:

This greeting card is great to give any grandma on Mother's Day!

card copy (front):

Grandma nonni gigi abuela grammy oma nanna mimi yaya

card copy (inside):


greeting cards, Grandma, Mother's Day, Butterfly, Lizzy Walker

colors shown:

Red, Pink, Rose, Green, purple

design inspired by:


submitted on:

Apr 29 2017

Edited on:

May 02 2017



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greeting cards - Grandma Names by Kristen Cavallo

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Joined 2017 · 3 awards won

Love this! Perfect colors and fonts! Thanks so much for bringing my card to life, Kristen. It's beautiful!

3 years agoreply
Joined 2013

Being a new Grammy --- Love Love Love this !!!1

3 years agoreply
Kelsey Mucci
Kelsey Mucci
Joined 2017 · 22 awards won

Hey Kristen! Your design is super cute. I think all grandmas would LOVE to get it! I just wanted to give you a heads up that in Italian NONNI infers that your talking about at least one male. I would recommend changing the word to NONNE (grandmothers) or NONNA (grandmother). It's such a small change that it would be super easy to make if your design is selected. Also, Nonni could be used in another language that I don't know about. If that's the case, ignore my comment! Good luck!!

3 years agoreply
Kristen Cavallo
Kristen Cavallo
Joined 2013 · 4 awards won

Hi Kelsey, Thanks for your comment! I called my Italian-American grandmother Nonni and I know quite a lot of Italian-American and American families in the Northeast who use Nonni as the Grandma name. My dad called his grandmother Nonna, so, I do realize that's the way they say it in Italy. From my personal experience, I know more American families that use Nonni, but it could be that more families in America use the correct Italian word, Nonna.

3 years agoreply