graduation announcements - Happy Future

Tags: graduation announcements, grad, happy,future, photo, fun, celebration

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jeanne smith
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comments from jeanne:

this fun 1 photo full bleed grad card shows much happiness looking forward to whats to come.....


graduation announcements, grad, happy,future, photo, fun, celebration

colors shown:

pink, white, black


modesty, frontgate, josepin sans, paper cut

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Dec 02 2016

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Dec 05 2016

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graduation announcements - Happy Future by jeanne smith


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Lauren Gerig on Dec 2, 2016 at 5:36pm
Lauren Gerig
  • Minted Nov 10, 2015
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Hi Jeanne! Great design! Couple of initial thoughts: I would try changing the font of the name to the same sans serif font (Josefin?) as the "class of 2017" and high school name. Maybe play with font style (try the name in sans serif bold, and high school in sans serif (same as it is now) but italic) or something like that. I think the Happy Future font and the font used for her name are both kind of stand alone fonts so they compete with each other. I would also make sure her name and high school are centered across the bottom, they look a little to the left now, but that could be the way the font it too! I hope this makes sense and helps!! Great start!

Amy Payne on Dec 2, 2016 at 9:06pm
Amy Payne
  • Minted May 29, 2015
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I agree with a lot of what Lauren said. I would make the "class of 2017" and the name/school all the same font and case as the school and let the "happy future" be the star. Maybe moving the bottom info a little more to the left and have it line up to the left. Lastly, make class of 2017 smaller and no longer than "future." I think this is a really fun concept!