invitations - hawaii baptism

Tags: invitations, hawaii, baptism, flowers, baby, simple, cute, floral

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karina ginavan
  • Minted Sep 4, 2009
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comments from karina:

a baptism invitation inspired by the location where its going to be... hawaii!


invitations, hawaii, baptism, flowers, baby, simple, cute, floral

colors shown:

red, teal, brown


century gothic & adobe garamond pro

design inspired by:

Susan and Ryan - Baptism Ceremony

submitted on:

Sep 08 2009

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final average score: 1.81
invitations - hawaii baptism by karina ginavan


Dave on Sep 8, 2010 at 8:55am

My wife found a wonderful place to get our sons baptism invitations done. The quality of the invitations was top notch and the price was great. We used Hopefully you can find what you need.