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Tags: art prints, sand, desert, explore, nature, natural, outdoors

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About Calais

Calais A Le Coq
  • Minted Feb 7, 2014
  • 11 Awards
  • 7 Comments made
  • 149 Votes cast

About the Design

comments from Calais:

Billions of tiny grains of sand make up the Great Sand Dunes in Southern Colorado.


art prints, sand, desert, explore, nature, natural, outdoors

colors shown:

black, white

design inspired by:

Rectangular Non-Personalizable Art Print

submitted on:

Jun 23 2016



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art prints - Dunes by Calais A Le Coq

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Oana Prints
Oana Prints
Joined 2016 · 15 awards won

this is awesome ! love it!

4 years agoreply
Zhay Smith
Zhay Smith
Joined 2015 · 5 awards won


4 years agoreply
Robert Deem
Robert Deem
Joined 2016 · 4 awards won

Hi Calais, congratulations on your three wins! Wonderful work!

4 years agoreply
Carol C. Young
Carol C. Young
Joined 2015 · 16 awards won

Congratulations - such an interesting piece!

4 years agoreply