non-photo holiday cards - Snowflake Joy

Tags: non-photo holiday cards, Snowflakes, Snow, Joy, Holiday

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Lakeside Handmade
  • Minted Jan 12, 2016
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About the Design

comments from Lauren:

Falling snowflakes reflect the joy of the holiday season


non-photo holiday cards, Snowflakes, Snow, Joy, Holiday

colors shown:

Navy, White, Rose Gold Foil



design inspired by:

Square Non-Photo Card

submitted on:

May 31 2016

Edited on:

May 31 2016

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[Foil-pressed] No Business Like Snow Business Non... - See designs critique this design

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final average score: 2.18
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non-photo holiday cards - Snowflake Joy by Lakeside Handmade


Dawn Jasper on Jun 2, 2016 at 6:37am
Dawn Jasper
  • Minted Jan 16, 2010
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Your updates look great! Love the snowflakes - so pretty! If you have time, I might make joy just a tiny bit smaller (or even just the j a bit smaller) so it fills in the space a bit more evenly. But it still looks great this way too :)

Version 2 - submitted on May 31 2016 - hide

taryn bone on May 31, 2016 at 1:21pm
taryn bone
  • Minted Nov 17, 2015
  • 660 Comments made
  • 2140 Votes cast

this is really pretty! It could be nice to play around with different line weights of the snowflakes, so that the smaller snowflakes have thinner strokes that the larger ones, it might read a little better. Love the rose gold with this blue background!

Version 1 - submitted on May 31 2016 - no comments