holiday photo cards - Great is Thy Faithfullness

Tags: holiday photo cards, Christmas, faithfulness, holiday

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Morgan Franzon
  • Minted Apr 3, 2016

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About the Design

comments from Morgan:

Simple and elegant, perfect for a holiday card with you and your loved one or a baby announcement!


holiday photo cards, Christmas, faithfulness, holiday

colors shown:


design inspired by:

Holiday Photo Card

submitted on:

Apr 03 2016



[Non-foil-pressed] Oh Come, All Ye Faithful Religi... - See designs critique this design

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holiday photo cards - Great is Thy Faithfullness by Morgan Franzon

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VERSION 1SUBMITTED ON 04/04/2016 03:29 am

Debb W
Debb W
Joined 2011 · 12 awards won

Hi Morgan, A has a light, clean feel I find appealing. One technical thing to note, I've been asked to make borders .25 from the edge, it's a minted.

4 years agoreply
Naomi Ernest
Naomi Ernest
Joined 2011 · 24 awards won

I think this looks great with the photo in A. :)

4 years agoreply
Lisa Cersovsky
Lisa Cersovsky
Joined 2012 · 50 awards won

I think the text stands out the most with A! :)

4 years agoreply
Basil Design Studio
Basil Design Studio
Joined 2015 · 33 awards won

D for me. I like the white, simple text on a colorful and busy background.

4 years agoreply
Dawn Jasper
Dawn Jasper
Joined 2010 · 54 awards won

I like the way the white type stands out in A the best. I would however make the photos full bleed. I feel like it's taking away from the design a bit

4 years agoreply
Alex Cottles
Alex Cottles
Joined 2015

I chose A. One thing to consider maybe adding a color block or transparent block behind the type? I chose A because it works well with that photo but they mention making sure it works well on multiple photo selections. Also I would considering making the sans-serif all caps because it always looks nice next to a script font, but that is jut my biased opinion. Great job :)

4 years agoreply