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Designers were asked to submit a chic and modern design. If you see a design that is not available for sale, please email us and we will help you purchase the design.

About Kathleen

Kathleen Petit
  • Minted Feb 24, 2016
  • 35 Comments made
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About the Design

comments from Kathleen:

Each letter is filled with many versions of that letter in different fonts


minted t-shirt design, Letters in Letters

colors shown:

white and black


variety of fonts

design inspired by:

Minted T-Shirt Design

submitted on:

Mar 10 2016

Edited on:

Mar 11 2016

average score:




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final average score: 2.26
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minted t-shirt design - Letters in Letters by Kathleen Petit


Version 2 - submitted on Mar 11 2016 - hide

Pat Foltz on Mar 11, 2016 at 6:50am
Pat Foltz
  • Minted Feb 18, 2016
  • 61 Comments made
  • 6203 Votes cast

I like your design. A couple of requirements of the brief were for the only color used to be white, and for the logo to appear somewhere in the design exactly as given. If you changed out the black for gray and added an exact logo in somewhere this would qualify. Good luck.

Version 1 - submitted on Mar 10 2016 - no comments