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Tags: business holiday cards, non-denominational, snowflakes, secular greeting

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Rebecca Bowen
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About the Design

comments from rebecca:

A non-demoniational holiday card wishing clients and friends happiness as a cloud of snow blows through.


business holiday cards, non-denomi national, snowflakes , secular greeting

colors shown:

slate, yellow, red



design inspired by:

A7 Non-Photo Card

submitted on:

Mar 27 2012

Edited on:

Mar 28 2012

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final average score: 2.24
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business holiday cards - Universal Greeting by Rebecca Bowen


Carol Fazio on Apr 23, 2012 at 1:19pm
Carol Fazio
  • Minted Jun 23, 2011
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hey Rebecca, I like what you're saying but something about the banners doesn't fit with the beautiful type and snowflake designs - maybe it's the sans or the length of the banners. Not sure, but might play around with this for another round.

Version 3 - submitted on Mar 27 2012 - no comments

Version 2 - submitted on Mar 27 2012 - no comments

Version 1 - submitted on Mar 27 2012 - no comments