party invitations - slim silverware

Tags: party invitations, clean, silverware, forks and knives

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Belina Lizarzabal
  • Minted Jun 23, 2011
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About the Design

comments from Belina:

This dynamic square photo card features a deep blue background of slim, outlined silverware elements that set the perfect tone for a classic yet trendy rehearsal dinner celebration.


party invitations, clean, silverware, forks and knives

colors shown:

navy blue, blue


century gothic, bickham script

design inspired by:

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

submitted on:

Mar 19 2012

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final average score: 1.89
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party invitations - slim silverware by Belina Lizarzabal


Carol Fazio on Mar 20, 2012 at 9:07am
Carol Fazio
  • Minted Jun 23, 2011
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really LOVE this background, but I am not sure about your center section and the script font feels out of place against the modern elements. have you tried the photo without the border and just knocking the type out in white against the pattern? If you use a heavier weight font like futura, you could make it work. just my two cents here...

Bob on Mar 31, 2012 at 11:19am

Nice clean design!