wedding invitations - persian_carpet

Tags: wedding invitations, Persian carpet, pattern, centered text

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Tereza Šašinková Lukášová
  • Minted Mar 18, 2011
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About the Design

comments from Tereza:

It will be like a fairytale... Fairytale a Thousand and One Nights... we in love...


wedding invitations, Persian carpet, pattern, centered text

colors shown:

stone grey, steel blue, beige, blue, brown


Adobe Garamond, Trajan Pro

design inspired by:

A7 Non-Photo Wedding Invitation

submitted on:

Sep 28 2011

Edited on:

Oct 02 2011

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final average score: 2.06
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wedding invitations - persian_carpet by Tereza Šašinková Lukášová


Adejoke Adedeji on Oct 2, 2011 at 7:02pm
Adejoke Adedeji
  • Minted Feb 19, 2009
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this is so beautifully intricate, i could totally see it in turquoise and dark blue shades

Version 2 - submitted on Sep 28 2011 - no comments

Version 1 - submitted on Sep 28 2011 - hide

Carol Fazio on Sep 28, 2011 at 5:05pm
Carol Fazio
  • Minted Jun 23, 2011
  • 36 Awards
  • 6336 Comments made
  • 25646 Votes cast

What a beautifully, intricate design! So different. My only comment, and this could just be the screen, is that I wish I could read the copy between the names better.

Snow and Ivy on Sep 29, 2011 at 11:14am
Snow and Ivy
  • Minted Mar 7, 2010
  • 176 Awards
  • 3028 Comments made
  • 19256 Votes cast

I agree with Carol, maybe making it a serif font, and upper/lowercase would help instead of all uppercase. I bet white would be really lovely for the smaller text as well, and probably help with readability. The design work around the edges is so luxurious!