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Jessica Kwok
  • Minted Sep 2, 2011
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About the Design

comments from Jessica:

Cute little desk notes from the desk of your little one.


personal stationery, desk

colors shown:

Varying shades of green



design inspired by:

Flat Non-Photo Stationery

submitted on:

Sep 02 2011

Edited on:

Sep 04 2011

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final average score: 2.41
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personal stationery - Desk Notes  by Jessica Kwok


ERAY on Sep 8, 2011 at 12:18pm
  • Minted May 30, 2011
  • 44 Awards
  • 500 Comments made
  • 4257 Votes cast

fun idea. great colors.

Version 2 - submitted on Sep 03 2011 - hide

Kim Sabel on Sep 3, 2011 at 7:03pm
Kim Sabel
  • Minted Aug 2, 2011
  • 5 Awards
  • 64 Comments made
  • 1994 Votes cast

I agree with Karen. The desk illustration is really sweet. Love that. The border is overpowering it though. Maybe just make the cream colored rectangle larger so you have a thinner green border?

Rachel Whitehurst on Sep 4, 2011 at 12:23am
Rachel Whitehurst
  • Minted Aug 28, 2011
  • 18 Comments made

I love the colors and simplicity. I don't think the boarder needs to be smaller if you more down the text and illustration.

Version 1 - submitted on Sep 02 2011 - hide

Karen Glenn on Sep 3, 2011 at 7:06am
Karen Glenn
  • Minted Jul 19, 2009
  • 52 Awards
  • 1981 Comments made
  • 30336 Votes cast

Hi! I think your desk is really darling, but feel it is overpowered by the border. I would suggest to lighten the color of the border quite a bit or remove it altogether. And also darken the text.