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Tags: business cards, teacher, substitute, hire, business card, colorful, simple

Designers were asked to submit a chic and modern design. If you see a design that is not available for sale, please email us and we will help you purchase the design.

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comments from Keela:

This is perfect for the substitute teacher looking for work!


business cards, teacher, substitute, hire, business card, colorful, simple

colors shown:

Orange / Purple / Teal / Yellow / Green


Avant Garde Extra Light Condensed / Wendy Medium

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3.5" x 2" Business Card

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Jan 15 2011

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business cards - Teacher For Hire by GarriguesGraphics


Leslie on Jan 15, 2011 at 9:50pm

As a teacher for hire myself, I love this design. It doesn't have any cheesy apple or pile of books and it doesn't look childish, which many graphics for teachers do. On a practical level, is there space for more information than just a telephone number an email? Many of us have website, but that wouldn't fit in the "available m-f" space and allow the font to still be big enough. Is there room for more of that? The only other thing I would reconsider is the font of the name. I don't mind the line, but I always prefer streamlined and professional over script or flourishes. Just my opinion. With those changes, I would put in an order for this card!