holiday photo cards - Jolly Hollyday

Tags: holiday photo cards, holly, dots

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Lofty Impressions
  • Minted Oct 23, 2012
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About the Design

comments from Lacey:

This casual holiday card features 1 photo and a holly-themed retro fun greeting.


holiday photo cards, holly, dots

colors shown:

Navy, Blue, Green, White


Myriad Pro

design inspired by:

Holiday Photo Card

submitted on:

May 03 2014

Edited on:

May 13 2014

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holiday photo cards - Jolly Hollyday by Lofty Impressions


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nocciola design on May 7, 2014 at 10:51am
nocciola design
  • Minted Jan 9, 2010
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i like the bright color palette! my 2 cents - i wonder how it would look if there were less elements in the blue square - the Holly Jolly could be accented with just one or two leaves, and perhaps without the navy circle. then there would be more room for the name and year beneath? i like the retro feel :)

Loree Mayer on May 7, 2014 at 11:30am
Loree Mayer
  • Minted Oct 3, 2011
  • 26 Awards
  • 480 Comments made
  • 43074 Votes cast

I would tighten up Holly and Jolly and pull the name closer to the circle.

Smudge Design on May 12, 2014 at 2:40pm
Smudge Design
  • Minted Dec 8, 2010
  • 82 Awards
  • 1731 Comments made
  • 27317 Votes cast

I like Jessica and Loree's suggestions. My only comment would be that the polka dots feel a bit out of place. I would have it solid on the left and your photo on right. The bands are joking of fighting with the layout a bit. Then you'd have some more space to add berries. Hope that helps!