cards - Confetti Wishes

Tags: cards, sweet, sixteen, balloons, confetti, painted

Designers were asked to submit a chic and modern design. If you see a design that is not available for sale, please email us and we will help you purchase the design.

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Sonya Coenen
  • Minted Jul 7, 2012
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About the Design

comments from Sonya:

A fun and festive design featuring a combination of balloon and confetti accents, making it perfect for a casual or semi-formal celebration.


cards, sweet, sixteen, balloons, confetti, painted

colors shown:

pink, green, blue

design inspired by:

Sweet Sixteen

submitted on:

Mar 04 2014

Edited on:

Mar 04 2014



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cards - Confetti Wishes by Sonya Coenen

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Sonya Coenen
Sonya Coenen
Joined 2012

This is my first design challenge and I would love to hear any feedback! Thank you!

6 years agoreply

Smile Peace Love
Smile Peace Love
Joined 2014 · 33 awards won

I love this. What a great, fun, fresh idea. It's really cute.

6 years agoreply

VERSION 3SUBMITTED ON 03/05/2014 02:51 am

VERSION 2SUBMITTED ON 03/05/2014 01:59 am

VERSION 1SUBMITTED ON 03/04/2014 11:36 pm

Oma N. Ramkhelawan
Oma N. Ramkhelawan
Joined 2011 · 229 awards won

Sonya, I love your use of bright colors. I do suggest that you make the party details text a few points smaller. Minted customers prefer smaller text.

6 years agoreply
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1 person found this helpful
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