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Kate Capone aka Oh So Suite
  • Minted Apr 29, 2008
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comments from Kate:

one photo spliced into 4 to give a little interest.


art prints, splice, photo,

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Personalizable Photo Art Print

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Feb 15 2014

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art prints - splice of life by Kate Capone aka Oh So Suite


Smile Peace Love on Feb 15, 2014 at 5:13pm
Smile Peace Love
  • Minted Feb 13, 2014
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THIS is unique. Though it isn't multiple images and is only one image, it takes a simple photo and turns it into modern art. Absolutely wonderful as is... I would love to see an asymmetrical version as well... meaning, have the lines off center a little, maybe vary the size of them as well and add a few more. I don't know though, that might not be a good idea at all... just thought it would be an interesting twist on an already awesome design. Cool with it just the way it is! Cheers.