Weee Designs

based in Chicago, IL, US.

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  • Minted on Nov 03 2017
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designs by Weee Designs

favorite artists

  • Kimberly Morgan
  • John Henry


Weee Designs on Nov 09 2017
Weee Designs
  • Minted Nov 3, 2017
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Oh... very helpful! Thank you Kimberly! I am new to the site so I am trying to understand all the in's and out's. Can I move my submitted images to my portfolio for other colors? Thank you again for your help! - Bridget

Kimberly Morgan on Nov 09 2017
Kimberly Morgan
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Hello, welcome to Minted! I've noticed that you have been submitting several color versions of your designs. Minted specifically states in the submission guidelines of each challenge to please only submit your design in 1 colorway. If your designs are selected for sale, then Minted will request it in additional colors. Best of Luck!