Diane Voyentzie

Diane Voyentzie. Based in Brookfield, CT, US.

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About Diane Voyentzie

Diane Voyentzie has been involved in many aspects of art over many years, including teaching, showing her paintings and murals, and accepting private commissions. She takes her inspiration from nature, animals, and the spiritual world.

favorite artists

  • Marabou Design
  • Jan Kessel


Robert Deem on Feb 10 2016
Robert Deem
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Hi Diane, I agree with Jan about the humor and I like pictures that tell stories or that inspire. I'm fond of your apple and lizard. Very cool! I actually like the darker one better. To me it's got a richer flavor.

Jan Kessel on Feb 07 2016
Jan Kessel
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Hi Diane, I love your designs, it's so refreshing to see humor in art! Thanks for the compliment on the Yosemite photographs. One of my most special places, and for many! Welcome to minted, and best of luck!

Annie Holmquist on Feb 05 2016
Annie Holmquist
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Hi Diane! I took your advice and made the cheeks a lighter color and bigger. They are in the first rainbow print. I have two coordinating prints. Thank you for your suggestion!!

Corinne Aelbers on Feb 04 2016
Corinne Aelbers
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Diane, thanks for your feedback/suggestion for my Eagle Feather entry. I will play around with some backgrounds see if I can come up with something that works.