Annie Dickerson

Annie Dickerson. Based in Oakland, CA, US.

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About Annie Dickerson

Hello! I'm Annie, lover of all things design-related, fiercely creative, and always ready for adventure. I'm a creative director by day, with a background in education, user experience, and game design. I'm a wife and mother to two young boys who are always bouncing off the walls and keeping me on my toes. I'm proud to be a self-taught designer and am always looking to learn and try new things.

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Debb W on May 14 2017
Debb W
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Aww, knowing you're 4-year old's drawings a part of the design makes me love it even more, those special touches are magic! :)

Erin L. Wilson on May 09 2017
Erin L. Wilson
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I just love your greeting card entries, Annie!!

Dawn Jasper on Feb 23 2017
Dawn Jasper
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Oh thank goodness! I always have this crazy fear in going to be misunderstood or thought rude when I make crazy suggestions and I don't want anyone to design something that's not truly theirs - if that makes sense. I just really love to help! I do love your style and sense of playfulness and can't wait to see what else you do here at minted! It's such a crazy design journey for all of us :)

Faith Dorn on Feb 15 2017
Faith Dorn
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Thank you so much for the like on "baby's room", Annie. Best of luck to you!

Lauren M Design on Feb 15 2017
Lauren M Design
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Hi Annie, thank you for liking my "Hip Hip Hooray" baby shower design. Best of luck to you!

Faith Dorn on Feb 01 2017
Faith Dorn
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Hi Annie..thank you so much for the like on "addition" appreciative. Best of luck to you!

Melissa Casey on Feb 01 2017
Melissa Casey
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Hi Annie! Thanks for the like on my Baby News design. LOVE your ready or not submission - what a cute sentiment! Good luck in the challenge!

frau brandt on Jan 22 2017
frau brandt
  • Minted Sep 19, 2015
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Hi Annie! Thank you so much for the like on my design Wonderful choice". So encouraging. Good luck with the challenges.