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Renee Rosenfeld. Based in .

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Cherry Tree on Oct 12 2015
Cherry Tree
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Hi, Renee! Thanks for the like on "Blackbird"!

Paper Dahlia on Oct 08 2015
Paper Dahlia
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Hi Renee. Minted revised the challenge to include 4 colors but thank you for the feedback. Best, Kerry

Cherry Tree on Oct 08 2015
Cherry Tree
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Thanks for the comment, Renee! They actually updated the guidelines to allow for up to 4 colors, but I think a lot of people have missed it. Definitely makes things easier!

Karidy Walker on Sep 28 2015
Karidy Walker
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Hi Renee! I feel so honored - thank you! To answer your question, yes, the Joy to the World is an existing font with some hand-drawn elements mixed in. The font I used was Pacific Northwest, which is pretty fun and quirky. Minted is such an amazing place to meet and learn from other designers. I've learned so much since my first Minted competition. Best of luck with your submissions! :)

Renee Rosenfeld on Sep 25 2015
Renee Rosenfeld
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i'm familiar with Tu B'av... it's a Jewish thing world round, not specifically Israeli...but a minor holiday on the Jewish calendar... there are no specific holiday rituals.. it's more of a remembrance of a historic event in the past (too long to get into here)... in general many religious holidays are being commercialized by marketing. I have no idea who Saint Valentine was but I'm sure he didn't think of Pink Hearts in Hallmark as his legacy... ;-) I'll google him and read up on it!

Christie Kelly on Sep 25 2015
Christie Kelly
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No worries, Renee! I appreciate you pointing out the mistake. It actually led me to have a great discussion with an old friend who is extremely knowledgable about Jewish culture. In Israel, they have their own holiday called Tu B'Av which is similar to Valentine's Day. Same is true for China who has a holiday called the Double Seventh Festival. Both these cultures however have adopted our Western version of Valentine's Day as well so I feel like it's fun to give a nod to the old and new since the card is supposed to be a nod to love around the world. I really wanted to add Greek, but the phrase is so long there was no way to fit it! Thanks again!

Lisa Travis on Sep 24 2015
Lisa Travis
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Renee, Thank you for the like! Best of luck in the challenges

Tatiana Nogueiras on Sep 18 2015
Tatiana Nogueiras
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Renee, thank you for the feedback, I will defenitly try a version without text or with less text!

Stephanie Fehrenbach on Sep 11 2015
Stephanie Fehrenbach
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Thanks so much for the sweet words!!

Pixel and Hank on Sep 09 2015
Pixel and Hank
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Hey Renee. Thanks for the comment on my fabric submission. You had a question about how I created it. I hand drew the elements, scanned them and used illustrator to make them vector. Hope that helps.

Susan Moyal on Sep 08 2015
Susan Moyal
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Hi Renee thank you very much for the likes! Good luck in the challenges!

Renee Rosenfeld on Sep 07 2015
Renee Rosenfeld
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im still amazed... you don't have to share your secrets (unless you want to! ;-) ) but i'm assuming you silhouetted the hands when you faded the building behind it but that would not work for the bubble. so i dont know. like i said, i like this for the artistry, the technique as well as the story and you're the only one i rated five. i'm glad I made your day! i think there is a lot of competition on this website but i love the concept. i dont know how long I'll stick with this but i may. it's worth it just to see other people's work and interact with them. thanks again!

Cherry Tree on Sep 07 2015
Cherry Tree
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Wow. Thank you! Your comment really made my day. "Reach" is one of my favorites, too--partly because it was completely unplanned. I was on a trip to Barcelona and saw some street performers blowing bubbles while children played nearby. One of the kids reached up to touch a bubble, and I snapped this shot. I then used Photoshop to fade the background into black and white while letting the color of the hands and bubble "pop" (pun intended). Anyhow, I really appreciate that you took the time to comment. Best of luck in the save the date challenge!