Trendy Peas

Patchi Cancado. Based in Norfolk, VA, US.

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About Trendy Peas

I am fascinated by all types of design, whether it’s graphic, interior, fashion or architectural. I gather new ideas and inspiration for my designs from all over the place, including my kids, tiny details, beautiful colors, travel, and nature. I strive to create designs that are modern looking, fresh, chic and fun. I hope you enjoy what you see. Kisses, Patchi

favorite artists

  • annie clark
  • Design Lotus
  • Oscar & Emma
  • Hooray Creative
  • Phrosne Ras


Amy on Aug 20 2015

Hi Patchi! Thank you so much for posting an Instagram post using the #WhatInspiresMe hashtag. We'd like to feature your post in an upcoming Minted Fine Arts newsletter. Is this OK with you? If so, can you email me at to give your permission? Thanks! Amy Schroeder, Senior Content Manager, Minted

Ava Thomson on Aug 12 2015
Ava Thomson
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Thanks for your message on my reach for the stars print, love your custom ABC!

Simona Camp on Jan 13 2015
Simona Camp
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Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my falling leaves design! Made my day!

Trendy Peas on Sep 10 2010
Trendy Peas
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Thank you so much Paige. I can't get enough of your fireflies card. So precious...

Paige Rothhaar on Jul 27 2010
Paige Rothhaar
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Just saw your mention on p+p too! Congrats on the blog love! :) And the great work!

Trendy Peas on Jul 23 2010
Trendy Peas
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Thank you so much Magg + Louie. I was very excited as well. I love p+p...

MAGG + LOUIE on Jul 23 2010
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Hi Patricia, I was just on the p+p site and saw your work, how exciting! I'm an avid visitor of p+p and without reading today's headline, I spotted your patterns (which I love) right away. Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note...very cool stuff :)