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About Tonia Dee

Surface designer/illustrator living abroad in Prague with an affinity for the bright, playful, and quirky. Her work is created with a wide range of medias and usually involves a MESS.

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  • Nadia Hassan


Shelley Kommers on Jul 21 2017
Shelley Kommers
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thank you so much for the like, Tonia! your nutcracker pieces are amazing!! :)

Tonia Dee on May 09 2017
Tonia Dee
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You're so welcome Kelsey! And I completely agree - my suggestions were only minor details - it's still a strong design either way! Thanks for your reply and good luck in the contest!

Kelsey Mucci on May 08 2017
Kelsey Mucci
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Hi Tonia. Thanks for your helpful note on my Laid Back design. I think you made a good point and I tried to make a last minute change but I was late by about 20 seconds! However, when it comes down to it I love the design both ways, so I'm OK with it. Thanks so much for your thoughts and good luck with your submissions!!