Jason Shurb

Jason Shurb. Based in San Antonio, TX, US.

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Keen Peachy on Sep 21 2014
Keen Peachy
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Thank you for your comment on my Monarch design and for sharing the beautiful butterfly analogy you found! Thought provoking!

Kim Dietrich Elam on Sep 20 2014
Kim Dietrich Elam
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Thanks for your comment, Jason. One of the guys in the background looks like he's either taking a photo or playing the guitar - it's all blurry, so it's like looking at clouds, I think, and seeing what you want! ;) Yes, that knot is a glyph in Rolling Pen (not the ampersand, but another glyph).

24th and Dune on Sep 19 2014
24th and Dune
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Hi Jason, Welcome to Minted. I recently saw a "critique" you gave a fellow designer while I was voting and wanted to just give you a friendly heads up that generally unless it's a useful piece of information or praise for a well designed piece or great concept, it's best to not say anything. So instead of putting said designer down for her wedding website comment, which was the whole design, I, personally, might have approached it from a more thoughtful angle and said something along the lines of, "Hey, love your concept but perhaps it might be more popular with customers if more information was included instead of just a website." By the way, Minted does offer wedding website design through the knot.com. They're quite beautiful, in my opinion.

Guess What Design Studio on Sep 12 2014
Guess What Design Studio
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Hi Jason, welcome to Minted! About your question on my engaged design - I made a tiny adjustment to the cropping of the photo :)

chocomocacino on Sep 10 2014
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yes indeed!

Monica Janes Fine Art on Sep 02 2014
Monica Janes Fine Art
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Hi Jason-you should be a writer with such an awesome description of my "polished" photo! Thanks for the positive feedback, much appreciated! Monica