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Tracey Atkinson. Based in Charlotte, NC, US.

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About tracey atkinson

Being a southern girl, I love floral fabrics, ornate laces, antique ironwork. I enjoy working with color, pattern, symmetry and my style is often inspired by everyday things - the pattern on a piece of furniture, nature, a beautiful tile design, my daughter's art projects. I adore elegant, classic styles.

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Kimberly Nicole on Sep 06 2011
Kimberly Nicole
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Hi thank you so much for the comment ! You have quite a few adorable illustrations on here!

Debb W on Aug 23 2011
Debb W
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Hi Tracey, I was hoping to see your Notebook Challenge designs because I find what you do uplifting and wonderful. Hope you are enjoying August!

aticnomar on Jul 17 2011
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Thanks so much for the great comment Tracy.

Jenny on Jun 28 2011

Poppies and Bundle of Joy are both so precious! Great work :)

mc on Jun 28 2011

i think i like baby poppies the best!

Susan Brown on Jun 15 2011
Susan Brown
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Tracey, Thanks for the note. It was great fun building that frame and hard to know when to stop. So glad you liked it. I love your bundle of joy--way cute. Sue

Beth Perry Design on Jun 02 2011
Beth Perry Design
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Hey Tracey, welcome to minted! So glad to have a fellow Charlottean in the mintie world. Loving your sweet designs in both the Chronicle and Holiday challenges. Looking forward to seeing your next entries! Thanks so much for your nice note!

James on May 31 2011

Very creative and imaginative work. I love the light airy sense that the Floral and Blossom designs bring.

Marabou Design on May 28 2011
Marabou Design
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Welcome to Minted Tracey! x Brandy

Neva on May 26 2011

I like them all. The symmetry appeals to me too. Love the glues and greens. Would pick BB as my fave though. Beautiful!

Regina on May 19 2011

I definitely like blossoms blast the best. At first glance, fancy floral lace is too airy and I am not loving the shade of green/sage in floral queues. But then again, what do I know??? Very nice work.

emma on May 19 2011

I can't decide which is my favorite because all three are so great.

Keith on May 19 2011

Fantastic designs!