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Tanya Webb. Based in .

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frau brandt on May 17 2018
frau brandt
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Thank you for your sweet comment, Tanya, a while back. I feel, that it took me over a year to really get in the swing with Minted. At first I submitted once in a while. After the first editors pick I got hooked and really wanted to get more involved and build my store. I basically joined Facebook to be part of the Minted group and get more involved. I learned so much about the use of typography and color by seeing the work of other great designers. There is a reason, why designs win, because they are really good. Still there are quite a few, which do not get picked and are good. I feel that I tried out different things and after two years of submitting lots of work, I got better and I am still learning and finding my way. All the best to you at Minted.

Lee Dunnie on May 08 2018
Lee Dunnie
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No problem sharing a like Tanya. Who doesn't like a nice 'Joy' card!

Von Sides on May 07 2018
Von Sides
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Tanya, Thanks for the kind words! Feel free to offer feedback my submissions. Trying to learn! Thanks, Von

Elky Ink on May 06 2018
Elky Ink
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Tanya, you already are a Minted Designer!! Your designs are so much better than my first ones! :)

Becky Nimoy on May 03 2018
Becky Nimoy
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You're welcome; welcome to minted! You happened to join on my birthday!